Requesting Services

How to Request Services:

Note: You  MUST be admitted to UTA before registering with our office.

  • Fill out the new student application through SAR Center Online Services and, if possible, upload any supporting documentation.
  • After the application has been received, you will receive an email directing you to make an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist.
  • You MUST attend this appointment in order to complete the registration process.   
  • An interactive personal history interview with you and the Accessibility Specialist is necessary in order to provide proper accommodations or assess what type of documentation may be needed in order to proceed with determining eligibility.
  • Once eligible accommodations are approved, your accommodation letters will be automatically sent to your instructors (may take up to 48 work-week hours).
  • Exam accommodations received within 3 days of a test date may not be eligible for accommodations. Instead, testing accommodations will go into effect for the next scheduled exam. 

Factors to consider:


You must be able to meet the technical and academic qualifications for entry into the school, program or activity in order to be considered "otherwise qualified."

Disability Definition

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (2008), disability is defined as a mental or physical condition that substantially limits functionality in a major life activity.

Functional Limitation

A functional limitation refers to a substantial impairment in an individual's ability to function in the condition, manner or duration of a required major life activity.

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is strongly encouraged and in some cases may be necessary to determine eligibility.

Housing Accommodations

Specific housing accommodation requests should be made through the SAR Center. If requesting a housing accommodation for an emotional support animal, a specific form must be obtained from the SAR Center. It is to be filled out by a qualified provider and submitted as documentation along with the application for services.

Learn more about housing policies & deadlines

Register Service Animals

While service animals are not subject to registration with the SAR Center, it is encouraged so that other supports may be offered, if needed.

Submitting Documents

You are encouraged to submit application and any necessary documentation at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

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