Residence Hall Application Policies

The University of Texas at Arlington
Residence Hall Application Policies for 2024-25
(Fall & Spring)

First-year students who want to live on campus typically choose to live in UTA’s residence halls. Residence halls are also highly desired by upper-class students.

Submitting your Residence Hall Application

  1. Early Application Encouraged: UTA residence hall spaces fill fast. To increase the likelihood of being offered available housing, early application for a residence hall space is encouraged. Students may begin to apply for housing as early as October 2, 2023. Applicants who do not submit a completed residence hall application will not be eligible for housing assignment

  2. Housing Eligibility: Application for housing is separate from application to the University of Texas at Arlington. Students should visit the Admissions website to apply for admission to UT Arlington. Acceptance as a student is acknowledged only through the Office of Admissions and is not a prerequisite for applying for housing; however, applicants must be accepted for admission to the University prior to a residence hall assignment being offered.

  3. Enrollment Requirement: Residents must maintain enrollment for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to be eligible to reside in the residence halls.

  4. Housing Policies: UT Arlington does not have a live on housing requirement for students. However, students who live on campus tend to achieve greater academic success and report higher levels of satisfaction and social engagement.

  5. Limited Availability and Contingency Plans: Given the limited supply of residence hall bed spaces and significant demand, the University may limit the allocation of available bed spaces to designated students. On campus housing is not guaranteed for all applicants. Late-season applicants and students with lower priority as described below are encouraged to develop contingency plans if a residence hall bed is not available. In this instance, early application for alternate housing accommodations is encouraged.

After Submitting Your Residence Hall Application

  1. Residence Hall Assignment Priorities: Priority residence hall assignments are available to First Time in College (FTIC) students, who graduate high school in May or June prior to their first semester at UT Arlington. Priority assignments are also available to students participating in special programs. Assignment to available spaces shall be offered on a first-come, first-served basis according to the applicant’s priority status as noted below, then according to the applicant’s residence hall application complete date.
  • Priority 1 (EXTENDED DEADLINE) - First-time in College (FTIC) Students: FTIC students will receive a priority assignment offer and may select a specific residence hall and room type if a completed housing application is received before May 1, 2024, based on the date of application and housing availability. FTIC students who apply before May 1, 2024 must also complete a housing contract by May 14, 2024. FTIC students who fail to apply before this priority housing deadline, may continue to be assigned after May 14, 2024, based on the date of application, but available spaces will be limited, and the offer of assignment is not guaranteed.

  • Priority 2 - Students in Special Programs: The University offers various special programs for selected students. Housing assignment policies and allocation of available spaces may vary by program. For more information on Special Programs, see below.

  • Special Programs
    Residential Learning Communities
    Scholarship Athletes
    Resident Assistants
    Students formerly in Foster Care 
    Students with Refugee Status
    Other designated students determined by the University

  • Priority 3 - All other Residence Hall Applicants: Priority 3 applicants may not be offered assignments until after April 15, 2024 when the allocation of beds available to Priority 3 applicants will be determined. Priority 3 applicants may be offered a residence hall space, based on the date of application, but available bed spaces will be limited, and the offer of assignment is not guaranteed.
  1. Residence Hall Roommate Requests (Roommate Selection): Roommates are assigned based on gender and space availability. All buildings are coed; individual suites are not. Assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Residential Learning Community (RLC) assignments are given priority over roommate requests.

    Students may use the Housing Application to search for and match with prospective roommates. Roommates are not confirmed until both students have assigned themselves and signed a contract for the same building and same room space. If students assign themselves to different buildings or room spaces, they will not be roommates. Availability of room spaces adequate to accommodate roommate pairs is not guaranteed.

    Priority roommate matching will occur between December 1 and March 31. Students who match early have the best chance to successfully secure a room together.

    Roommate matches are considered requests and are not guaranteed under any circumstances. Successful roommate matches may change in the event of contract cancellation, room reassignment, or a change in RLC status.

    If no roommate is requested, students will be matched based on answers to questions on their housing applications.
  2. Residence Hall Room Space Assignment (Room Selection): Depending on space availability, students will be able to select a room space prior to signing a contract. However, students participating in a Residential Learning Community (RLC) will be assigned to a room space in the designated RLC community by the RLC staff. Students with a valid contract who do not select a room space will be assigned to a space.

  3. Offer of Housing Property: Offers for residence halls are made by text and email. Applicants are contacted via their UT Arlington and personal email account and via the cell phone number provided. Applicants are responsible for checking their email daily. Applicants are responsible for immediately updating their Personal Contact Details online if there is any change to their phone number, email address, or mailing address.

Completing Your Residence Hall Contract

  1. Acceptance of Offer: To accept an offer, the applicant must respond promptly and without delay. The applicant must pay the $150 residence hall deposit and sign the online housing contract in the housing portal within the time allowed or the offer will be considered void.

Additional Policies

  1. Assignment List Refresh: University Housing may send applicants periodic notices to confirm continued interest in housing assignment.  Applicants must timely respond to these notices to remain on the assignment list. Applications will be cancelled if the applicant fails to confirm continued interest within the time allowed.

  2. Application Reinstatement: Students can request a one-time reinstatement of a canceled application. Reinstatements are not guaranteed and are based on availability.  Reinstatements will result in the original application complete date being updated to the reinstatement request date. Priority for assignment will be based on the updated application complete date.

  3. Contract Cancellation Policies: Students who cancel their housing contract early are subject to the Cancellation Policies found in their University Housing Terms and Conditions. All cancellations must be submitted through the cancellation form available in the Housing Portal.

  4. Accommodation Preferences: The assignment priorities of the Housing Office are first to offer available bed spaces on campus and second to attempt to accommodate room type and hall preferences as noted on the application. As reservations are confirmed, housing options will become more limited. Applicants are encouraged to consider alternate room type and hall options to increase the likelihood of selecting available housing.

  5. Application Expiration: An applicant who does not receive an offer before the start of the semester may complete a No-Show Day Housing Application in their AY 2024-2025 Application. Generally, a few bed spaces become available on the First Day of Classes each year because of last-minute cancellations.

  6. Special Conditions – Consolidation: The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies and close all or part of the residence halls. You may choose any available bed space within the building during the Room Self Selection Process. However, in the event a building is scheduled to open with a substantial number of vacancies, or the university needs to consolidate spaces for other reasons, you may be reassigned and consolidated to another section of the building at move-in. 

  7. Special Conditions – Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Many properties are already accessible for students with disabilities. If you have special needs because of a disability, you must register with the Student Access and Resource Center for the necessary accommodation. Special requests should be made as soon as possible. Major alterations may require 4-6 weeks for completion.

  8. Insurance: It is recommended that students obtain personal property, renters, or other applicable insurance. UT Arlington does not assume any legal obligations for personal injury, loss, or damage to personal property.

  9. Policies Subject to Change: The University, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to make exceptions and changes to the assignment priorities and policies without prior notice and without compensation to applicants waiting for assignment to university housing. 

Rev 9/20/2023