Summer Conference Staff

Conference Staff are students selected on the basis of leadership, experience, scholarship, ability to promote the University while helping to operate a fast-paced hotel-like operation, and desire to help resident students realize their potential for self-development through group living. They are representatives of the Apartment and Residence Life, Housing, and Guest Services offices. As staff members of the University, conference staff members are expected to act accordingly. They are responsible for acting as role models, as well as using their own best judgment, maturity, and concern for those individuals with whom they live and work.

As members of the conference services staff, Conference Office Assistants (OA) and Conference Assistants (CA) are directly supervised by a Residence Director (RD) or Graduate Assistant Residence Director (GARD). They work closely with the Assistant Director for Guest Services, members of the Residence Life and Guest Services staff, and other student staff members. Their responsibilities for the general welfare of summer conference guests as well as the residents and facilities extend to all areas of the campus. Conference staff members are responsible for continuing consultation with the appropriate staff members about the concerns and accomplishments of guests and residents in the residence halls. Conference staff members are given the option to be enrolled in classes. The key to a conference staff member’s success is finding the balance between his/her role in the classroom, within the residence halls, and the community at large. Conference staff members are expected to assign priority to their position over all other non-academic activities.

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