We strive to promote safety and awareness for on-campus residents. Apartment & Residence Life works closely with the UTA Police Department, the Fire Marshal and other safety areas to educate and inform students about safe living practices. Please see the document below for tips on how to keep you, and your living environment, safe.

Suggestions for Keeping You and Your Residence Safe (pdf)

All of our campus residences employee safety measures to ensure that students are safe and secure in their environments. These include photo ID entry, Campus Crime Watch, and The Great Escape - a vivid simulation and training session on how to survive in the event of a fire. For more information about UT Arlington's safety measures, please see the appropriate tabs.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (pdf)

Clery Act Information

Fire Safety

UTA is committed to providing a safe living environment and the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Office takes this commitment seriously. Each student is responsible for maintaining their living area in a clean and safe manner in accordance with the Housing policies.

Occupants are required to take all steps necessary to comply with UTA Housing policies and/or any directive regarding fire and life safety policies from a university official.

Please see the link below to find your room's evacuation route:
Housing Evacuation Routes Map

Shuttle Services

If you do not have a car, UT Arlington provides Shuttle Services to get you around campus. The on-campus shuttle service is free to all students and runs Monday-Friday during the day.

Shuttle Service Information and Campus Map

The Mav Mover, shuttle bus, provides transportation on Saturdays to several off campus locations for a $2.00 fee. The shuttle schedule includes stops at the Parks Mall, Target, and Aldi.

Mav Mover Shopping Shuttle Information and Time Tables

Mavs Courtesy Escort

Or wherever you need to go on the UT Arlington campus. For traveling around campus after daytime hours, consider using the Mavs Courtesy Escort. This free service offers students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors an escort from one location to another. The hours of service are 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., Sunday through Thursday during the semester. Hours may be altered to meet changing University needs. To request an escort at any time, call us at 817-272-5252 or utilize a call box on campus.

Mavs Courtesy Escort

Operation ID

Operation ID provides each hall office with an engraving tool that residents can check out in order to inscribe their name and any other identifying information onto their belongings. The residence hall office and the UT Arlington Police Department will keep a log of the serial numbers and descriptions of valuables.

Text books are also considered valuable personal property that are frequently targeted for theft on college campuses. Methods to help identify text books are therefore also a part of this program.

This also is a free bicycle theft prevention service. A student’s bicycle can be engraved and registered with the Police Department increasing the likelihood of it being found if lost or stolen.

Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault

The Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program offers education and awareness of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. Support & referral services are available as well as an office for the advocacy for students impacted by violence.

You are not alone. You are never to blame.

Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program

Know your Rights

Know the University Procedure


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Store your most valuable items, including small electronics, documents, and money. The QuicKey™ utilizes a numeric pad lock as well as a magnetic strip reader, allowing added security for your personal items. All safes will be delivered to campus for move-in day.

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