Residential Learning Community


  1. You will live in a dynamic community with other freshman students who have the same major or interest.
  2. You will experience enhanced advising, priority registration, and increased academic support when you enroll in similar courses with other RLC students.
  3. You will begin to develop relationships with faculty and staff from your chosen major as soon as you arrive on campus.
  4. You will develop friendships with other like-minded students which provide opportunities for social engagement and support.
  5. You will get a head start on pursuing your academic and career goals.
  6. You will network with other students who may eventually become future professional colleagues and life-long friends.


Residential Learning Community (RLC):  First-year students may merge their academic priorities with their personal and social goals by joining a Residential Learning Community (RLC). Each RLC consists of 15-30 students who share the same major or interest. These freshmen enroll in similar class schedules, usually sharing three to four core classes, and participate in a specially-designed Freshman Seminar, which allows students to begin working together with faculty and staff from their chosen major as soon as they arrive on campus.  RLC students may also choose to live together in a Residential Learning Community (RLC) which provides increased opportunities to develop friendships and interact with other like-minded residents.  Additional information on Residential Learning Community (RLC) opportunities is shown in the chart below

Meet our RLC's!

Being a part of a UTA RLC helps you jumpstart your success at UTA!


Residential Learning Community (RLC) Description Academic Interest Residence Hall

Exploratory Studies

Members of this RLC  will live in a vibrant community with others who share an interest in exploring their options to find a major that fits their interests, strengths, and career goals. This RLC will guide you through personal and professional assessments, connect you with faculty and professionals from across campus, and help you realize your passion to find the major program that will lead you to your dream career.

Undeclared  West

Architecture RLC

This residential RLC is open to freshmen students interested in Architecture or Interior Design. Joining this RLC will give you a head-start in this popular and nationally-recognized department.




Engineering RLC
This RLC is open to freshmen students interested in Engineering. Joining this diverse community will provide you an introduction to the various engineering disciplines and help you explore career opportunities and emerging technologies.



  Research and Discovery
The Research and Discovery RLC accelerates student involvement in research through expanding their skillsets and preparing them for a variety of research environments. Students will have the opportunity to participate in class-based and outside of class research projects, explore and engage with research opportunities on campus, and learn from researchers in a variety of disciplines.
Any   West

Science RLC

This residential RLC is open to freshmen students interested in Biology and related life and health sciences. Joining this RLC will give you a head start if you are majoring in biology, including pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-dental, or pre-vet. 
Biology KC
  Emerging Leaders RLC
The Leadership RLC is designed to create opportunities for students to learn about leadership in the classroom while also gaining real-world practice and application.  The participants in Emerging Leaders create a tight-knit family of students who live, learn, and lead together as they start their journey of leadership and success at UTA and beyond.
 Any KC

Business RLC

This RLC is open to freshmen students interested in business. Joining this RLC will allow you to enroll in business courses as a freshman, participate in problem-solving activities in a business environment, and rapidly meet the admission requirements of the College of Business 
Business Arlington


Nursing RLC
This RLC is open to freshmen students interested in nursing. Joining this RLC will allow you to network with professional nurses, develop a professional portfolio and experience expedited advising and registration.



Liberal Arts RLC

This RLC is open to freshmen students interested in all liberal arts disciplines. Joining this RLC will allow you to explore academic and career options, evaluate your strengths and aspirations and how they apply to each discipline, and gain critical thinking and writing skills that will give you the competitive-edge academically and in your future career. 
Liberal Arts Vandergriff

Terry Scholars RLC

Participation in this RLC is required for freshmen recipients of the Terry Scholarship. The Terry Scholarship Program at UTA provides significant financial, social, and academic support to students selected as Terry Scholars. 
Any Vandergriff
Any Timber Brook

Any Vandergriff

The purpose of the LGBTQ+ RLC is to provide inclusive housing, while also introducing students to UTA, and assisting them in becoming engaged in the campus community. The community will actively participate in educational programming related to gender, sexuality, social justice, and intersectionality, through exciting on-and-off-campus activities. Participants in this community will complete two classes each semester together (Fall Semester: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies & UNIV I & Spring Semester: Women’s & Gender Studies Elective & UNIV II). This community will be led by LGBTQ+ Program staff.

Any Vandergriff

Men of Distinction RLC
The Men of Distinction RLC is a community open to all students that focuses on the retention and recruitment of Black and Latino males at UTA. Joining this RLC will allow you to gain a community of brothers and mentors who will provide you with a variety of experiences to enhance your personal, academic and professional success.

Any Vandergriff
  Women in Leadership RLC
The Women in Leadership RLC focuses on the retention and success of women at UTA. WIL members have amazing opportunities for mentorship, academic support, and developing their leadership skills.  Members are expected to actively participate in WIL’s programming and weekly Friday meetings.
 Any Vandergriff