Leadership Opportunities

Here at UT Arlington there are so many ways to be a leader. Most on-campus organizations have leadership positions to fill.


Resident Assistants (RAs) are students selected on the basis of leadership, experience, scholarship, and the desire to help residents realize their potential for self-development through group living.  They are representatives of the Department of Apartment and Residence Life, the Housing Department, and the Division of Student Affairs.  As staff members of the University, RAs are expected to act accordingly. 

They are responsible for acting as role models for resident students, as well as using their own best judgment, maturity, and concern for those individuals with whom they live and work with.  RAs are usually hired for the entire academic with recruitment in early Spring semester and a start date of June or August.


Office Assistants are students selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, life experience, and the desire to be part of an extraordinary customer service team for residence hall students. By working to maintain the smooth and efficient running of the hall office, Office Assistants play an integral role in the development of a safe and supportive community in their residence hall. Office Assistants are part of the UT-Arlington Apartment & Residence Life Department and are recognized as University staff members; they are therefore expected to act with professionalism and respect in all circumstances. Especially during times when they are not working, Office Assistants are responsible for acting as role models for residents by using their own best judgment, maturity, and concern for those individuals in their community.


Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) serve as mentors, teachers, and resources to students who take a First Year Seminar, or who opt to join a Freshman Interest Group (FIG). PALs assist first-time, first-year students by providing academic support and social opportunities while teaching students how to adjust to college life at UT Arlington. In addition to teaching either a one-hour Freshman Seminar (UNIV 1131 or COLA 1100) or a three-hour Freshman Seminar (NURS 1335), PALs advise students on matters such as academic policy and procedure, departmental programming, social opportunities, and refer students to the appropriate University official or office when necessary.

Peer Academic Leaders are required to maintain official university course records, accomplish varied clerical tasks, and perform other related duties as required. Peer Academic Leaders are called upon occasionally to serve as unofficial ambassadors to UT Arlington by welcoming new students onto campus and promoting the Freshman Interest Group Program as well as other University student-centered opportunities as various marketing events. Depending on the assignment, Peer Academic Leaders may be required to live in Kalpana Chawla Hall (a monetary stipend will be offered to supplement associated costs). The Peer Academic Leader position is a part-time, paid position open to undergraduate students attending UT Arlington.