Overflow Housing (Res Halls)

As residence halls near capacity for August move-in, late season residence hall applicants who contract for “Overflow Housing” may still be guaranteed a space for the 2022-23 academic year based on last-minute contract cancellations. This option is for students seeking to move into a residence hall space between Saturday August 20, 2022 and Sunday, August 21, 2022 (prior to the start of fall classes).

Each year, University Housing may oversell a small percentage of residence hall bed spaces knowing that a limited number of last-minute contract cancellations will occur prior to resident move-in on Saturday, August 20, 2022.  In addition, a limited number of vacancies will occur shortly after move-in as some students fail to check in by Sunday August 21, 2022, at 5PM. Students who fail to move-in as required are considered a “No Show,” and their contracts will be cancelled.  

As University Housing receives notification of late season contract cancellations, students temporarily assigned to overflow housing will be reassigned to a permanent room space. It is the goal of University Housing to assign students in overflow housing to a permanent room space either before Wednesday, August 18, 2022, or within a couple of weeks after the semester starts.  

To be considered for an Overflow Housing contract offer, please review the information outlined below:

  1. Visit the Housing Portal Overflow Housing page to confirm your continued interest in a University Housing Residence Hall space. Log in to your Residence Hall application, check the box that you would like to remain on the Res Hall wait list and be enrolled in the Overflow Housing wait list.  
  2. Overflow contracts are offered on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with your initial application date and space availability. Students will be notified via their UTA email address if an Overflow Housing contract and a Meal Plan contract are available for review and signature. 

  3. Students who contract for overflow housing spaces will be assigned temporarily as a roommate with a Resident Assistant (RA).  RAs are upper-class student staff members with leadership responsibilities in the residence halls.  

  4. Based on July and August contract cancellation activity, University Housing will work to assign students from overflow housing into a permanent space on or before Wednesday, August 17, 2022. Students in overflow housing not assigned into a permanent housing space by the date above, will temporarily remain in their overflow housing space until a permanent space becomes available. Students who move into overflow housing are typically assigned a permanent housing space within the first two weeks of classes. 

  5. Move-in for overflow housing will commence on Saturday, August 20, 2022. 

  6. As a temporary resident in overflow housing, each room will include 2 twin XL beds which may be bunked.  You will also have shared access to other room and bath furnishings.
  7. Students in overflow housing will be assigned to any available permanent space on a first-come, first-served basis according to your overflow contract signature date and space availability.

  8. Students will be notified of their permanent assignment via their UTA email.

  9. Our priority is to find you an accommodation on campus that meets your needs based on space availability, but we cannot guarantee to meet your preferences.  We only make one offer to students on the Overflow Housing list before we move to the next person. 

  10. Within 24 hours of notification to student, student must complete and sign a contract for the offered permanent space assignment. In this instance, the student accepts that UTA Housing may assign the student to either a double-occupancy or private-occupancy room space, depending on availability. Student further agrees to pay a $150 deposit and first installment for the offered permanent space assignment in accordance with the applicable room rates published at our Res Hall Rates Page.

  11. Students who move into overflow housing and then sign a permanent space contract will have 48 hours from contract signature to check into the assigned permanent space and check out of the overflow housing space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Overflow Housing

I have a contract for Overflow Housing, where do I need to check in? 

You will need to check in to the residence hall where you have been assigned to a permanent or temporary room space. Instructions regarding your move-in assignment will be emailed to you on August 17, 2022.  Move-in for overflow housing will commence on Saturday, August 20, 2022. 

When will I know if I will actually move into an overflow housing space? 

You will be notified at your UTA email address on August 17, 2022, if you will remain temporarily in overflow housing. University Housing will wait as late as possible to assign temporary overflow spaces to accommodate as many students as possible directly into permanent rooms. 

What is overflow housing like? 

Understandably, some students assigned to overflow housing may be apprehensive about the accommodations and transient nature of the assignment. If you are assigned to overflow housing, please be assured that the residence life staff will do everything possible to welcome you and help you feel comfortable in your temporary room.  

What should I bring if I move into overflow housing? 

Since it is expected you will be moving to your permanent room shortly after the semester begins, for your convenience, it is recommended that you bring only necessities when moving into a temporary overflow housing space.  

What is the cost of overflow housing? 

During the period of overflow assignment, students will be responsible to pay a daily room rate equal to $25 per day or the daily rate of their permanent housing assignment, whichever is lower.  This daily rate will be charged to your student account within ten days of your move out from overflow housing.  You will also be responsible to pay for a traditional meal plan contract. 

What is the cost associated with failure to accept an offered permanent space contract? 

Any student who accepts an overflow contract and fails to then accept a permanent space contract must vacate the residence halls within 48 hours.   In this instance, the student will remain responsible for the daily rental cost of overflow housing and the full cost of the traditional meal plan contract. 

Who do I contact for more information? 

Additional questions may be sent to housing@uta.edu or you may contact the Housing Office at 817-272-2791.