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UTA Maverick Imperatives

UTA Maverick Imperatives provide a framework for the strategies that will help the university carryout its vision of being a pre-eminent urban research university that inspires bold solutions with global impact through creative scholarship, transformative access, and collaborative learning. The two imperatives that our department focuses on are Educate Beyond the Classroom and Ensure Student Success.

Educate Beyond The Classroom

  • Expand efforts to create a more engaged and involved sense of community both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Foster relationships and networking opportunities between students, faculty & staff, and community entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Ensure Student Success

  • Develop a campus-wide initiative to keep students on track to graduate.
  • Provide innovative and coordinated support services to increase persistence and success of diverse student populations.
  • Create learning communities tailored to the needs of diverse student populations.

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Community Development Initiatives

Apartment and Residence Life staff implements the following initiatives to create an engaging residential community:

  • Host freshman academic advising sessions
  • Host academic tutoring sessions
  • Host public study hours
  • Facilitate faculty interactions in the community with residents
  • Plan and organize monthly events and activities
  • Encourage involvement in intramural sports
  • Encourage involvement in Apartment/Hall Council
  • Host informational floor meetings (Residence Halls)
  • Distribute monthly newsletters (Apartments)
  • Door-to-door visits
  • Create engaging bulletin boards


Personal Engagement - Residents will engage in community activities that develop and teach life skills and lessons outside of the classroom.

Students will become more self-aware & learn about areas of personal growth & development.

Social Engagement - Residents will be socially engaged through relationship building and interacting with individuals in the community.

Students will have the opportunity to get to know each other, get to know their campus, and most importantly, their residential community.

Diversity Engagement – Residents will engage in an environment that respects and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Students will celebrate and respect others differences by engaging in conversations about their similarities and differences and through participation in diversity, inclusive, justice, and global awareness events.

Academic Engagement - Residents will learn and be academically engaged outside of the classroom.

Students will engage in academic activities outside of the classroom that will increase their student success.