Learning Access Center (LAC)

The purpose of the LAC is to provide a supportive learning environment for students diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and/or Learning Disabilities, and help them achieve their academic goals by working with specially trained Learning Specialists.

LAC Services

LAC Learning Specialists have been trained to provide academic support and strategies to students on a variety of topics.

  • Learn about different learning modalities to figure which learning style fits best
  • Learn how to develop a study plan
  • Learn about strategies for researching a topic
  • Learn about strategies for different test formats

  • Learn how to develop a study plan

  • Learn about strategies to help stay calm during exams

  • Learn about notetaking resources available at UTA

  • Learn about strategies for reviewing lecture notes

  • Learn about the different notetaking styles like the Cornell Method

  • Learn different reading strategies
  • Learn how to develop the right environment for reading
  • Learn about about assistive technology available for reading
Past courses students received 1-on-1 help with:


ARCH 2552: Basic Design & Drawing II ARCH 2304: History of Architecture II ART 1300: First Year Art Seminar

BCMN 2347: Broadcast Writing/Reporting BIOL 2460: Nursing Microbiology BIOL 2300: Biostatistics

CHEM 1441: General Chemistry I CHEM 4311: Biochemistry CSE 2440: Circuit Analysis

ENGL 2338: Technical Writing HIST 3337: US Military History MANA 4322: Strategic Management

NURS 3309: Medical Terminology Health SCIE 3301: Physics SPAN 1442: Beginning Spanish II


. . . And many other courses!

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The LAC provides academic and study services to students diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and/or LD and who meet specific eligibility requirements as a student registered with the SAR Center.

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