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What is History For?

PAST IS PRESENT: History in the News

If you think History is "old news" you might want to think again. Check out these recent feature stories that relate to subjects our students are currently studying.

Tiny magnets will escort ions out of rare material from a shipwreck

Mary Rose photo

Course: HIST 3378 "The Renaissance"
Fall 2018

In 1545, freshly refitted to carry a greater number of heavy cannon, the warship Mary Rose sailed into battle against a French fleet north of the Isle of Wight. The debate over what happened next is still heated, but the most accepted version is that the added weight of the cannons made the Mary Rose sit almost a meter lower in the water than before. When the ship made a sharp turn—or perhaps when a sudden gust of wind caught the sails—water poured into open gunports, flooding the ship. Nets in place over the deck, meant to repel enemy boarders, ended up trapping more than 500 sailors aboard as the ship went down.

Swamp Thing: Stalin statue emerges, forcing town to confront its past

Stalin monument photo

Course: HIST 4382 "Stalinism: Culture & Civilization"
Fall 2018

In the powerful, perestroika-era film Repentance, the corpse of a Stalin-like local official mysteriously appears again and again, despite efforts by locals to bury him and turn their backs on the consequences of his crimes.

Now the town of Kusa in Chelyabinsk Oblast is experiencing something eerily similar, with the specter of the late Soviet dictator appearing unexpectedly from the past and tearing open old wounds.

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