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History of Cartography @UTA!

PAST IS PRESENT: History in the News

If you think History is "old news" you might want to think again. Check out these recent feature stories that relate to subjects our students are currently studying.

The World's Watersheds, Mapped in Gorgeous Detail

Map of US watersheds

Course: GEOG 4330 "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems"
Spring 2019

The maps are the work of Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs, 33, who combines expertise in GIS with a passion for beautiful maps. "GIS is short for Geographic Information Systems. It's a collective word for anything using spatial or geographic data — from monitoring changes in forest cover with satellite data to creating crime density maps for the police," Szucs explains. "In this case, I've used GIS to create artistic maps, which is a beautiful hybrid of the artsy and geeky sides of my personality."

How a Group of Daring Bootleggers Created NASCAR

Joe Littlejohn's racecar (No. 7) is seen outside “Little Joe’s” tavern in the late-1930s

Course: HIST 3327 "The New South, 1863-present"
Spring 2019

It was a two-man job. Bill Blair Sr., in a ‘39 Ford loaded with white liquor, hung back, while his friend Elmer sped down winding North Carolina roads as though he was riding the devil’s horse. “Agents would get after Elmer and chase him,” says Bill Blair, who inherited Blair Sr.’s name and love for racing. “My daddy would come down the road with nothing to bother him.” ...

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