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What is History For?

PAST IS PRESENT: History in the News

If you think History is "old news" you might want to think again. Check out these recent feature stories that relate to subjects our students are currently studying.

The Battle over the Memory of the Spanish Civil War

Valley of the Fallen memorial photo

Course: HIST 4365 "History of Spain and Portugal"
Summer 2018 (11W)

Even amid the chaos of the uprising’s first hours, Manuel’s capture was a priority. In his small village of Villarroya de la Sierra, Manuel was beloved for his work as the town veterinarian, but he was also the founder of the local chapter of an anarchist labor union. It was evidence enough for a priest, Father Bienvenido Moreno, to condemn Manuel as “the cause of all the evil that has come to the people.”

Hitler’s Teeth Confirm He Died in 1945

Photo of Hitler's tooth

Course: HIST 4358 "The Third Reich, 1933-1945"
Summer 2018 (5W1)

On April 30, 1945, as Allied forces converged on the capital of Nazi Germany, Hitler killed himself inside his Führerbunker. Days later, his remains were captured by the Red Army and were subsequently locked behind the Iron Curtain for decades.

This proved fodder enough for conspiracy theorists, who wanted to argue that Hitler did not die in the bunker, but rather managed, somehow, to escape like other high-ranking Nazi officials...

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