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Making a History Degree @ UTA

PAST IS PRESENT: History in the News

If you think History is "old news" you might want to think again. Check out these recent feature stories that relate to subjects our students are currently studying.

The 1997 merger that paved the way for the Boeing 737 Max crisis

Image of parked 737 MAX planes

Course: HIST 2377 "Flight Culture and the Human Experience"
Spring 2020

Late in the summer of 1997, two of the most critical players in global aviation became a single tremendous titan. Boeing, one of the US’s largest and most important companies, acquired its longtime plane manufacturer rival, McDonnell Douglas, in what was then the country’s tenth-largest merger.

'It's long overdue': the first exhibition for Native American female artists

Native American tapestry (image)

Course: HIST 4319
"Native Americans, Science and Technology" Fall 2019

Walk into most museums and there might be something missing on the wall labels beside Native American artworks – an Apache dress from the 19th century might just read: “Title, year, materials.”

What’s missing? The artist’s name. Though many of the artists’ names were not recorded, and will forever be anonymous, many that have been recorded are now being recognized as never before.

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