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Hall Council

Hall Councils are comprised of all of the residents living in a particular Residence Hall with an executive board of either elected or appointed student representatives. The goals of the Hall Council are to provide a representative body for students to provide input for the running of their residence hall, to organize and implement activities for the hall, and to provide for the needs or desires of residents in the hall. 

Who are the council members of each hall?

Hall Council is comprised of students within the community wanting to provide a heightened community living experience. Although there are a handful of members elected through hall voting, all students are invited and encouraged to contribute!

When do the hall council members meet?

Hall Council meeting times and locations vary by hall. Advertisements and information will be posted around the hall; or you can talk to an RA or OA to get specific information!

When are hall council elections?

Hall Council elections are typically at the beginning of the fall semester. However, occasionally halls will conduct elections the previous spring semester. In those cases, you should expect to see hall council community events at the beginning of the school year!

How do I apply to be on hall council?

Everyone can be on hall council! You don’t need to apply; however, if you would like to take on more leadership, you can run for an executive position (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, etc.) when positions become available. Elections are typically in the fall semester, but if positions become available throughout the school year, individual elections will be held at those times.

Hall Council Event

"Hall council was a great experience for me because I was surrounded by a group of people that made me hold myself to a higher standard. It was in hall council that I realized just how great an impact a determined group of individuals can make on campus and in the world around them. I attribute much of my successes here at UTA to the leadership and experience I gained from hall council and would recommend that all students take an active role in their community." 

-Christian Gentry, KC Hall Council President 2013-2014