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Hall Council

Hall Councils are comprised of all of the residents living in a particular Residence Hall with an executive board of either elected or appointed student representatives. The goals of the Hall Council are to provide a representative body for students to provide input for the running of the Residence Hall, to organize and implement activities for the hall, and to provide for the needs or desires of residents in the hall.

On the Wednesday of the first week of school, each Hall Council hosts an interest session to provide information about the council and to offer opportunities for students to get involved. Each Hall Council will select executive board members and designate members to serve as part of the campus-wide Residence Hall Association (RHA).

  • Arlington Hall General Body Meetings
    Every Monday at 8 pm
  • Brazos Hall General Body Meetings
    Every Tuesday at 9 pm
  • Lipscomb Hall General Body Meetings
    Every Monday at 9:30 pm
  • KC Hall General Body Meetings
    Every Monday at 9 pm
  • Trinity House General Body Meetings
    Every Wednesday at 9 pm
Hall Council EventHall Council Event