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iPhone Configuration for UTA Auto Login


How to connect the iPhone and iPod Touch to the "UTA Auto Login" wireless network. Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later. The following documentation was created while configuring an iPod Touch; your experience may vary.

iPhone and iPod Touch devices are minimally supported by UTA at this time. The information provided here is an example of a successful configuration and should serve as a guide for configuring your own device. UTA assumes no responsibility for following these instructions, nor does it represent that this is the only way to connect to the wireless network.

How to Use:

UTA Auto Login
  1. Tap Settings

  2. If WiFi appears at the top, tap WiFi and skip to the next step.  To turn on WIFI, tap General, then Network, then WiFi.

    Settings Home                                        General Home
  3. Select the UTA Auto Login network from the list

    Select Auto
  4. Enter your NetID and your current NetID Password.  Press Join.

    Auto Login Auth
  5. Tap the Accept button on the security certificate.

    Auto Cert
  6. You should see the WiFi icon appear in the upper left corner of the screen whenever you are connected to a wireless network.

    safari       Rejoice

Known Issues: Apogee MyResNet Wifi -