Be Mavready


If you are outside and hear a warning siren, go inside and turn on a weather alert radio, radio or a T.V. for information on actions to take. Sirens can be activated for 5 reasons:

Tornado in the immediate area,

Severe weather with winds over 70 mph,

Large damaging hail,

Elected official or President of the University designates siren activation for other emergencies and,

Testing on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m., if the weather is clear. The City of Arlington also tests outdoor warning sirens the 1st Wednesday of every month at 1pm. 

If the lights go out, then call the Facilities Management Service Call Center-817-272-2000. Give your name, phone #, building name, floor or area affected, and room #. Remain in your location until an all clear is given through the fire panels, responders, or MavAlert.
Leave the building by the nearest exit and go to an area that will not impede responder actions and you are not affected by the event. Department Safety Liaisons may assist you in your exiting
As you leave the building activate the building fire alarm, if it is not already sounding. Leave the building by the nearest exit and go to an area that will not impede responder actions. Call 817-272-3003 from a campus phone or cell phone; use the code blue emergency phones; or Dial 9-1-1. You may be assisted by Department Safety Liaisons.

If an active shooter is outside your building

• Get out of the building if you can safely do so. If you can’t get away, go to a room that locks, turn off lights, lock windows, lock and barricade all doors, and stay out of sight. Be sure to silence your phone.

• Call UTA Police at 817-272-3003 or Dial 9-1-1. If it is safe, stay on the line to provide information.

• Do not leave until given instructions to do so by police or MavAlert. If an active shooter is in the same building as you Get away if you can safely do so. If not, lock the door and follow the procedures above. If an active shooter enters your office or classroom • Call UTA Police at 817-272-3003 or Dial 9-1-1 and give your location. If you cannot speak, leave the line open.

• If you cannot escape, determine and identify a strategy to protect yourself. As a last resort, attempt to overpower the shooter. • If the shooter leaves the area, immediately go to a safer place. Call UTA Police at 817-272-3003 or Dial 9-1-1.

Shelter-in-place means to take refuge inside a building. You shelter in place for tornados, active shooter, hazardous materials, and severe weather (hail, lightning, etc.).

• For a tornado, go to an interior room without windows / below ground floor if possible and assume the tornado position.

• For active shooter, see above.

• For hazardous materials, do not go outside unless told to evacuate. Otherwise stop work or class; close and lock all windows, exterior doors, and any openings to the outside. Listen to fire panel, radio, television, or MavAlert for further instructions.

• For severe weather (hail or lightning), take refuge inside a building. Stay away from glass doors and windows. Wait for the all clear via fire panel, first responder, or MavAlert.


Planning for natural, technological or man-made disasters is not just for institutions and businesses; it’s just as important for families and households, in order to ensure everyone is prepared when an emergency occurs. Use this template to prepare your household and its members. Once completed, discuss the plan, and practice the plan. Elements to consider when creating your Family/Household Disaster Plan:

• Out-of-state contact

• Reunification area(s)

• Alternate routes to and from work/home

• Pet preparedness

It is recommended that everyone acquire 3 emergency kits: one for home, one for the car, and one for work. Kits containing all the essential emergency supplies can be bought online or in stores. However, it is important to customize each kit according to you and your household’s needs. Click here for a suggested list of items for your Emergency Preparedness Kit.


UTA Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide

FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Site:

North Central Texas Regional Disaster Preparedness Site:



UTA Police Emergency 817-272-3003
UTA Police Report a Crime or Non-Emergency 817-272-3381
Office of Emergency Management 817-272-0119
Environmental Health & Safety 817-272-2185
Facilities Management 817-272-2000
Health Services 817-272-2771
Housing 817-272-2791 or 817-272-2926