Business Continuity


Business continuity planning is essential in prioritizing and recognizing critical business operations and services necessary to be delivered during campus disruption, while maintaining institutional integrity and serving the best interests for the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) community, under difficult circumstances. It is a vital component in creating a resilient community with the capacity to resume campus functions, research activities, and academic instruction shortly after a university-wide disruptive event in the form of natural or man-made catastrophes, large or small.

In the event of a university interruption, UTA Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will assist in response efforts, prioritizing the safety and welfare of the university community. Meanwhile, the intention of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is to focus on continuing our university operations in support of UTA mission “providing access and ensuring student success, and to a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization of discoveries by our community of scholars.”


The UTA BCP vision is to promote organizational resilience with preparedness, collaboration, and comprehensive planning. 



University-wide effort to safeguard the continuity of research activities, campus functions, and academic instruction by targeting critical functions within a reasonable timeframe.


As a leader for your department, determine who will coordinate the planning process for your department and contact to set up an introductory meeting. As a staff member, you have valuable insight into the operations of your department and in the future might serve on a planning team to assist with creating plans.
When thinking of critical functions, think of those functions most necessary for business operations to continue during and after a disaster. Depending on your role in your department, be sure to include upper management in these discussions to ensure all critical functions are listed in your continuity of operations plan.

• Identify a Planning Coordinator.

• Contact the Office of Emergency Management at to arrange an introductory meeting. After the meeting, you will be given access to the UT Arlington Ready Tool.

Once you have been given access, you can login to begin your plan.