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Student Mobile Printing - Mac Setup

System requirements: Mac


Students can install printing software to allow them to use personal laptops to print to UT Arlington lab printers.  Install Pharos Uniprint 8.1 to enable printing from your laptop.

You should have:


Installing the Software:

Instructional Video here. The Microsoft Silverlight plugin is required to view the video within the Firefox web browser.

  1. Download the Pharos Uniprint software.  You may need to enter your NetID and password.  
  2. Click Save if prompted.
  3. Open the file, located in your Downloads folder.  This will create the SMP-MacOSX folder.
  4. Open the SMP-MacOSX folder.
  5. Double-click Notify.dmg. (This will produce a new window with an icon called Notify.pkg.)
  6. notify-1

  7. Double-click Notify.pkg.  An installer window will appear.
  8. notify-2

  9. Click Continue, Continue, and Install.  A pop up dialog box will appear. 
  10. Authenticate with your local Mac administrator account.
  11. Double-click the UTA-OIT-SMP disk image file in the SMP-MacOSX folder. (This will produce a new window with an icon called Popup.pkg.)
  12. popup-1

  13. Double-click Popup.pkg. An installer window will appear.
  14. popup-2

  15. Click Continue, Continue, and Install.  A pop up dialog box will appear. 
  16. Authenticate with your local Mac administrator account.

Send a Document to a Lab Printer:

  1. Open a document and select: File > Print from the menu bar.
  2. Make sure the SMP_BlackAndWhite or one of the SMPColor printers is selected. If you are doing color printing, select the SMPColor print queue that matches the location in which you will release the print job.
  3. printer-list

  4. Click Print.  The Pharos release screen will appear.
  5. pharos-popup-1

  6. Enter your NetID into the NetID text field.  Enter it again in the Confirm text field.
  7. Give your job a name, and then press Continue.  
  8. Entering a password is optional.
  9. pharos-popup-2

  10. Click Print. You will receive a confirmation window.
  11. pharos-notify

    You can go to any Pharos Release location on campus to release your print job within 4 hours.

Known Issues:

For more information on connecting to the campus network click here

Uninstall any existing Pharos Uniprint Printer Packages prior to installing the new package, for details see: Mac Uninstall