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Installing SecureDoc with FileVault encryption on OS X

Available To:

  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff

How to Get:

To prepare for the installation of full disk encryption on your laptop, we ask that you do the following:

How to Use:

Encrypting your hard drive could take 6-24 hours to complete. If the computer reboots before the encryption is complete, you may need to contact support to recover your computer and complete the installation.

These steps should be completed while logged into the user account of the primary user of the machine. Failure to follow these steps as the primary user will result in more headaches to create and migrate accounts. Please make sure you are logged in as the user who should be encrypting the machine before beginning.


Please print the SecureDoc with FileVault install instructions.

The download is provided directly on the install instructions.

Known Issues:

Q: I am at a login window with only the wmfv user account as a login option. How do I login to my computer now?

A: You need the wmfv password found within the SecureDoc with FileVault install instructions.

Policies: Information Security Office FDE Information

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