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Obtaining and Installing Mathematica 8 Licenses - Windows

System requirements: Windows


The instructions on this page are for university owned machines only that have "Property of UT Arlington" asset tags, also referred to as UTA assets in this document.  These are typical faculty/staff office computers.

How to Get:


 To install Mathematica on personally owned faculty machines you will need to fill out the Wolfram's Staff Home Use Mathematica License form located at

To process the home-use license three conditions must be met:
1) Home-use license is for faculty only. Faculty may include professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, teachers, GRAs and GTAs.
Software must be requested using a "" or in some cases a "" email address
3) The software must be for a privately owned computer.  Computers owned/provided by UT Arlington are not eligible for the home-use license.
Please contact the OIT Help Desk for the required License Key.


The UT System has arranged to sell student licenses through HiEd Inc for $35.00 per year (January through December).  Please see  more information.


How to Use:

  1. Please contact the OIT Help Desk to place a software installation request to obtain assistance from the OIT Desktop Support group in installing the application on a UTA asset.  

OIT Desktop Support staff and authorized users with access to the hidden network share containing the resource files may perform the following steps to install this application.

  1. From the Start menu, select Run.

  2. Type in the Desktop Support provided path to the installer file in the text box and click OK.

  3. Click "Next >" to continue installation.

    click next to continue installation
  4. Click "Next >" to accept default destination folder.

    accept default destination folder
  5. Click "Next >" to accept default components installation.

    click next to accept optional conponents
  6. Click "Next >" to accept default shortcuts folder.

    click next to accept default
  7. Click Install to begin installation. Or click "< Back" to change selections.

    click Install to start installation
  8. Click Finish to end installation.

    click Finish
  9. Open Mathematica from the Windows start button menu.

  10. On the Activate Mathematica online screen, click the Other ways to activate button.

    enter license server information
  11. On the Select a method to activate Mathematica window, click the Connect to a network license server option.

    enter license server information
  12. On the Connect to a Network License Server screen, enter Click the Activate button.

    enter license server information
  13. If you agree to the Mathematica license agreement, click the I accept the terms of this agreement checkbox and click the OK button.

    Click Next