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Central Enterprise Directory and Authentication Realm

The Big Picture

The Central Enterprise Directory and Authentication Realm is a sizable undertaking aimed at progressing our IT infrastructure into the new millennium. The days when an IT department had only to worry about its local machines is long gone. The new horizon holds promise and opportunity for greater levels of intra- and intercampus cooperation and resource sharing.

The following presentation will detail some of the driving forces in Higher Education that lead to the creation of the CEDAR project, explain a little bit about the technology that makes CEDAR work, and show how CEDAR will fit into our infrastructure and what it will allow us to accomplish.

"The University of Texas at Arlington recognizes that identity management is a key component in the delivery of electronic services to the University community. The CEDAR project encompases three of our core project initiatives: single sign-on, central directory services and well defined standards for authentication.

The CEDAR project is fully supported by both the OIT executive management team and technical teams. I am excited about the progress thus far and look forward to continued refinements to this on-going mission-critical infrastructure development "
Suzanne Montague, CIO, UT Arlington