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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Homework Assistance Policy

The OIT Help Desk will always try to assist all students in any way possible, but at no time will the Help Desk or any of its agents assist a user directly with homework assignments or course specific projects.

The Help Desk is only able to assist users with problems of a technical nature such as stalled applications, general application use, and basic computer and systems usage as it pertains to UT Arlington and the Office of Information Technology.

The Help Desk does not assist with tasks that fall outside of the strict definition of technical support such as: creating web pages, proof reading papers, editing grammar, writing programs or parts of the code in any language, taking exams, posting to the class Web site, linking to external web counters, guest books, etc. 

The most an agent may do is to assist the user with one example of how to overcome his or her problem. It is then the responsibility of the user to understand and complete the assignment on his or her own. If any further help is sought, the Help Desk agent reserves the right to refer the user to any number of online or off-line sources for help, including the student’s professor.

If a student insists on requesting assistance that is either blatantly or inconspicuously course related, the professor will be notified of their request so that appropriate action may be taken should the student require tutoring or extra departmental assistance. 

OIT would be happy to come to your classroom and provide information to assist in educational endeavors: NetID uses and benefits, web page space and resources, e-mail, UNIX fundamentals, etc. Please contact the Help Desk to make arrangements for additional documentation or a classroom visit at 817.272.2208 or e-mail