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Undergraduate Students

The Writing Center offers a welcoming and supportive environment for students who seek assistance on a wide variety of academic and scholarly writing assignments and needs. We encourage and motivate academic writers of all levels, and provide clients with the highest quality assistance in order to serve the needs of academic writers as they work to achieve their goals andfulfill their potentials in and outside of the classroom. Our first objective is to support academic writers on the project in hand, butalways with the goal of elevating the general quality of both their writing process and their written communication skills. Clear andconcise writing often follows clear and concise thinking, and we are here to help academic writers develop logical, clear, and concisepatterns of thinking. We strategize with writers to development better writing practices that promote the intellectual growth andcommunication skills. Writing is a continuous process and we offer a variety of services to assist you in addressing your concerns. There is no alternative to practice and constructive feedback for writing development. During each session, you will experience a one-on-one consultation addressing your individual writing needs and concerns.