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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of being a member in the UTA Spirit Groups?

Being a member of the Spirit Groups is a huge time commitment. In the summer time, we have practices in June, July, and collegiate cheer & dance camp. During the fall and spring, the teams perform at athletic and campus events, as well as practice 5 times a week. This athletic activity is a yearlong commitment, and members sign a contract at the beginning of the season.

What scholarships are available for Spirit Groups members?

Each member of the Spirit Groups is eligible to receive $500-$1000 per semester scholarship towards their tuition (depends on tenure and involvement in the program). Spirit Groups cover the cost of all uniforms, clothes, shoes, camp cost, national competition cost, and a meal stipend when traveling.

Do the cheer & dance teams compete?

Yes! Each year, both cheer & dance teams if eligible wll compete at the NCA/NDA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Is there a separate all-girl and coed team?

No there is not. Currently the team has been Small Coed (4 male or less), which is a combination of group stunts and coed stunts.

How many members are typically on the teams?

There are usually 18 members on the dance team, 24 members on the cheer team, and 2-3 mascots. These numbers are not including alternate positions.

Do I have to be accepted to UTA before I can tryout?
No you do not have to be accepted at the time of tryouts. You will need to apply for admittance to the university before the tryout date. You will also need to be accepted into UTA by the first practice in June.