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Alumni / Friends

Educational leadership

Yi “Leaf” Zhang, an assistant professor in the College of Education, has been named a member of the 2016 Class of Greater Texas Foundation Faculty Fellows. Her research focuses on community college transfer students’ persistence and degree completion.

Leading on cancer

Researchers at UTA and UT Southwestern are collaborating on two projects to improve the accuracy of the delivery of cancer radiation therapies and minimize the exposure of healthy tissues. The projects will employ big data analysis and physics models to improve technologies used to deliver therapy and ultimately improve patient care.

Composite testing

Andrew Makeev, a UTA professor of aerospace engineering, received a grant from the Office of Naval Research to purchase equipment that will allow his team to better understand material properties including defect formation in composites as a function of manufacturing process. The ONR grant is part of the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program.

New testing technique

UTA researchers have demonstrated that electrical conductivity can be an effective means to measure the amount of blood present in dry blood spot analysis, which is routinely used for infant HIV screening and testing for metabolic disorders. The research was recently published in the leading journal "Analytical Chemistry."