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Office of the President, UTA



September 2, 2020

Dear UTA Community,

I would like to welcome our faculty, staff, and students to a new academic year at The University of Texas at Arlington. This semester is different from what we have experienced in the past, and we must work together to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.

Each of us will have to do our part by following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks, and taking responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and our neighbors. That means more virtual hangouts, meetings, and events.

Whether you are on campus or at home, I encourage each of you to visit UTA’s Coronavirus Updates webpage, a centralized hub for information about COVID-19 and the fall term.  On this site, you will be able to review the Face-Covering Protocol, Student FAQs, Faculty FAQs, Staff FAQs, and other relevant information.

Before coming to campus, you should use the Daily Self-Monitoring Checklist available on the UTA Mobile App. The app is also a great resource for helping you find your way across campus, browsing news, and staying up to date with the latest information about UTA, wherever you are.

If you are on campus this semester, you will notice that things look a bit different. You will see signage to help you maintain social distance, more hand sanitizing stations, plexiglass and physical barriers to ensure separation, and classrooms with modified seating. You will also see newly completed or ongoing construction taking place across campus that will continue to support our goal of supporting access and research excellence.

One of our exciting additions is the newly completed first phase of the Library Mall renovation that added outdoor study spaces for the fall term. We are also moving forward with construction plans for the College of Nursing and Health Innovation’s new SMART Hospital and the School of Social Work. We expect final approval from the Board of Regents this fall and anticipate construction beginning during the academic year.

Throughout the summer we have focused on ways to not only achieve a safer and healthier campus, but to continue improving our academic offerings, with safety and student success as our guiding principles. Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to continue improving the classroom experience, both in-person and online: We have added new equipment and capabilities to our classrooms, hired more than 120 new faculty, and added two new undergraduate degree programs in Philanthropy and Business Analytics.

As promised, we also made progress toward our eight objectives to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion at UTA and are continuing our work on these goals. I encourage you all to continue making strides in your own lives. Talk to your neighbors, make new friends, and meet people of different backgrounds. At UTA, we encourage and celebrate the diversity of our community. Each of us can do more to make our campus community a more welcoming place, each day.

I would also like to encourage all our students to embrace the learning and growth opportunities UTA has to offer—in and outside of the classroom. At UTA we want you to cultivate and develop every area of your life. We have valuable resources and programs that are designed to support your personal growth and academic success.

The semester will also be filled with opportunities to connect and grow with other Mavericks. Stay updated on virtual Campus Events that are happening throughout the semester.

No matter where you are, embrace all the opportunities presented to you to make this semester great. Remember that I am always a resource for you. Please email me or follow me on Twitter to stay in touch.

Let’s make the Fall 2020 semester great. Mav Up!


Teik C. Lim, Ph.D.
President ad interim




Office of the President701 S. Nedderman Dr.  • Arlington, Texas 76019 • 817-272-2101 (voice) • 817-272-5656 (fax)

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