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Wheelchair Treadmill

UTA’s national champion Movin’ Mavs and Lady Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball teams might be getting even better soon, thanks to some ingenuity from their fellow students.

During their senior year, engineering majors must complete a Capstone Project, for which they design, implement, test, and present a final demonstration of a prototype solution to a real-world engineering problem. In 2019, a group of mechanical engineering students built a treadmill that can be used by athletes in wheelchairs.

“I’m excited that something we did has the potential to help others in a practical, real-life way,” says Brandon Griffin (pictured above), who led a team comprising Antonio Araujo, Matthew McCormick, Matthew Niestroy, Jason Gulledge, and Chad Goodlow. “It shows us how important even senior design projects are.”

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