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Associate professor Robin Macaluso

Charged Up

Improving alternative energy sources

Chemistry Associate Professor Robin Macaluso believes that by creating new synthetic materials, she can help make alternative energy sources more...

Disease susceptibility in coral

Coral Concerns

Disease susceptibility in coral

Biology Professor Laura Mydlarz and doctoral candidate Nicholas MacKnight published a study in the Nature online journal Communications Biology demonstrating...

Tracking insects to fight infestation

Bugging the Bugs

Tracking insects to fight infestation

To combat infestations on farms and increase production, researchers at UT Arlington are building tiny sensors that can track insect...

Understanding machine-learning systems

Bad Bot

Understanding machine-learning systems

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the wrong answers can be as important as the right ones. That’s why computer...

Photo of airplane and UAV

Air Control

Making the skies safer

As the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) increases, so does the need for traffic control of the skies. Engineering...

Professor Nur Yazdani

Road Reference

A database of Texas bridges

Keeping track of the 50,000-plus bridges in Texas can be a challenge, especially since there currently is not a complete,...

Associate Professor Daniel Sledge

Disaster Zone

Learning from recent crises

Texas was hit with a double dose of disaster in early 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic and a historic winter...

Business Professors Kay-Yut Chen and Jingguo Wang

Hostage Crisis

Responding to ransomware attacks

When a ransomware attack occurs, the greatest obstacle law enforcement faces often isn’t the criminal, but the victim. The greatest...

Strategies for sustaining attention


Strategies for sustaining attention

Need to stay focused on a task? Your best bet may be to solicit feedback, according to a new study...

The State of Research

UTA reached a series of milestones in 2019, 2020, and 2021

Amplifying Indigenous Voices


Amplifying Indigenous Voices

Pasternak’s novel, like his poetry, centers on the ecstatic beauty and creative power of life.