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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Loaner Equipment

We have over the years, transferred used laptops to departments/Desktop Associates in need of spare equipment to be used as spares when a faculty/staff machine in their department has hardware issues. By transferring these laptops to the departments/Desktop Associates, provides the following:
1. The department and/or Desktop Associate spare equipment to limit down time for their faculty/staff should their machine be down due to repairs
2. The department/Desktop Associate will have the machine setup with base software and may include specialized departmental software as needed by their faculty/staff
3. They are then responsible for tracking the whereabouts of their equipment
4. Eliminates their responsibility for lost, misplaced and/or stolen equipment that would initially be OIT's inventory

When a trouble ticket comes in to Desktop Support pending queue:
1. Desktop Support technician will contact the client to schedule a visit to check out their equipment and usually issue is resolved within same day.
2. If a machine has hardware problems, the technician will ask the client if they have a spare machine available for their use and the majority of the time the client has a machine they can use.
3. If client states they do not have one, we let them know that we will contact their Desktop Associate/Department Admin to ensure that there is a machine readily available that they can use while we repair their machine. We are then able to setup and configure the machine for their use.
4. On very rare occasions that neither department nor Desktop Associate have no spare machine, we have two laptops and two desktops that can be loaned out should the machine take longer than the day to repair it. These machines are setup with Windows 7, Office 2010, FCS, and other basic software. Important: these machines have deep freeze installed on them, so data cannot be saved on them. Clients need to save data to their network drives. If data is saved on the machine, it will be deleted as soon as the cleint logs off.
5. Technician will inform department if machine is unrepairable and we will provide them the link to the latest bulk purchase being offered to the campus for departmental purchases.

Available To:

  • Departments and Offices at UT Arlington
  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff

System requirements: Windows