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Student Email Setup on Mobile Devices


Following are the settings for adding your Office 365 student email account to a mobile phone or tablet.  These settings are known to work on most Android and Apple iOS devices.

How to Get:

Universal Configuration Instructions:

  1. Open your email application, select new account, and choose the Exchange account type.
  2. Under the “User name” field,  enter your full student email address. i.e.
  3. Under the “Password” field enter your MyMav /NET ID password.
  4. Under the “Email address” field, enter your full student email address. i.e.  (The contents of the user name and email address field should be exactly the same.)
  5. The “Server address” is
  6. The "Domain" box should be left blank.
  7. These settings should allow your student email account to be added to your device.

iPhone/iPad Configuration Instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Click "Add an account"
  4. Select "Exchange" from the account types. 
  5. Enter your FULL UTA student email address. 
  6. Enter your MyMav/NetID password
  7. Enter a description that suites you
  8. On the next page:
    • Server =
    • Domain = leave this field blank
    • Username (if you're asked for one) = your FULL UTA email address
    • Password = should be filled in automatically; if not, enter your current password
  9. Press Continue

* If you get a server error, but the option to continue, please continue *
* If you get an invalid username/password issue, either your email address and/or password is NOT input correctly. Please erase and retype slowly. *

How to Use:

While these settings may possibly be used to add your email account to email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc., the addition of student email accounts to mail clients is not currently supported.

Known Issues:

Android devices will require you to allow remote security administration before your account can be added.