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Add TCP/IP Printer in Windows XP


You will need to know the static IP address assigned to the printer.  If you do not have this information contact the Desktop Support Associate (DSA) in your department or the OIT HelpDesk to request this information.

How to Use:

  1. Ensure printer is turned on
  2. Open Control Panel / Printers and Faxes
  3. Click Add Printer
  4. Click Next
  5. Select Add Local Printer, uncheck Automatically Detect option, then click Next
  6. Select Create New Port, choose Standard TCP/IP from menu, then click Next
  7. Type static IP assigned to printer in the Name or IP Address field then click Next
    (port name is automatically IP_129.107.X.X where X is defined by static IP)
  8. Click Finish in the Completing TCP/IP window
  9. Select the manufacturer / model of your printer from the Install Printer window lists then click Next
  10. If printer is not found in list click Have Disk and select driver when prompted then click OK
  11. Use default name for printer then click Next
  12. Select option to Not Share Printer then click Next
  13. Select option to Make Printer the Default printer if applicable then click Next
  14. Select option to Print Test Page to verify PC will print to printer then click Next
    (this step is optional)
  15. Click Finish in the Completing Add Printer window
For additional assistance locating or installing printer drivers contact the Desktop Support Associate (DSA) in your department or the OIT HelpDesk.