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Instructions for Ansys installation on a personally owned system

Listed below are instructions for downloading and installing Windows OS compatible Ansys software product features that correspond to the Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution license hosted on a UTA license server.  When launched, the software will seek out usage authentication from a UTA server hosted license manager.  If the user is off-campus, he or she will need to establish a VPN connection to the UTA domain for license authentication purposes. Instructions on how to setup a VPN connection to the UTA domain are at

  1. Verify that the target system is using a 64-bit Windows OS and meets Ansys OS version requirments. Please navigate to for recommended platform information.

  2. Plug target system into a power outlet and disable all power saving features that will cause the system to go into hibernation or shutdown.

  3. Ensure that there is at least 35 GB of free unused space on the target system to receive the software installation.

  4. Launch a web browser and navigate to our software downloads page at

  5. Within the Windows section of the downloads page there is an Ansys heading with a download link labeled ANSYS version [#].

  6. Click on the link and enter your UTA NetID and password to initiate a download process of the installation media.

  7. Once the Ansys installation media in a zipped file named ANSYS-[ has downloaded, you may use the Windows native zip tool to extract the file.

  8. After extracting the zipped file, please launch the installation process by right-clicking and run as administrator a file named Install-AnSYS-[version #]-x64.exe.
    Alternatively, you may silently install Ansys by performing the following action.

    1. Open an administrator command prompt.
    2. Navigate to the folder containing the Ansys Setup.exe file.
    3. Type the text specified within the quotes "Setup.exe -silent -licserverinfo"
    4. Hit the enter key to initiate the silent installation process.

The Ansys software will install silently without any interaction required by the user.  The installation may take 30 to 50 minutes depending on the target system’s processing power. If you happen to encounter an issue with obtaining and installing the software please submit a help request through our self-service assistance portal ServiceNow at

Available To:

  • Currently Enrolled UT Arlington Students
  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff

System requirements: Windows, Linux