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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

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OIT: Office of Information Technology

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Software Downloads

Some of the software below may not be officially supported by OIT for use on UT Arlington inventoried computers. Some of the software is only supported by the Help Desk for student use. Before installing any of the following software on a UT Arlington inventoried computer, first check that it is on the Supported Software list.

For the list of supported software in OIT computer labs, please visit OIT Computing Facilities page.

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Dreamspark Downloads (Students Only)

Currently enrolled UT Arlington students can download professional Microsoft developer, designer, and gaming software through DreamSpark at no charge. Dreamspark should not be installed on University-owned assets.

Learn more about DreamSpark or see a list of available software.


Ansys software product features that correspond to the Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution license hosted on a UTA license server.  When launched, the software will seek out usage authentication from a UTA server hosted license manager.  If the user is off-campus, he or she will need to establish a VPN connection to the UTA domain for license authentication purposes. Instructions on how to setup a VPN connection to the UTA domain are at Please navigate to for a detailed set of instructions on its installation.

ANSYS version 2019 R2

ANSYS version 2019 R2 Electronics

ANSYS version 19.1

ANSYS version 19.1 Electronics (Must have Ansys version 19.1 installed prior to installing this component)


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Antivirus Software

McAfee Agent is the client-side component providing secure communication between ePolicy Orchestrator and managed products. It also serves as an updater for managed and unmanaged McAfee products. The installation of McAfee agent will result in the installation of the McAfee antivirus software product called VirusScan Enterprise for Linux.

UTA Asset - Linux Download


VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. It creates an encrypted secure tunnel from the client to the VPN concentrator installed at the edge of the campus network. This secure tunnel allows the user to check e-mail, pass data files back and forth, and perform other transactions as if they were actually on the campus without the fear of the data being exploited while traveling over the Internet.

For standard VPN connection, please install the Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client. See setup instructions

Cisco VPN AnyConnect

VPN Client (self-executable)- For the older IPSEC VPN Client please see setup instructions

FTP Clients


Operating Systems

Red Hat Enterprise Linux