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Manual Installation Instructions for Matlab

System requirements: None, Windows


Matlab Manual Installation Instructions

Under the UTA's Mathworks licensing agreement, there are two methods one may utilize to manually install Matlab on a system.  They are called the Network Concurrent User and the Designated Computer methods.  The Concurrent User method installs the Matlab software so that it may utilize a license server to authenticate its usage.  The Designated Computer method is an installation process for systems that require a standalone installation.  The Concurrent User Method is the recommended method for all UTA owned systems on campus. The Designated Computer Method is only available to departmentally managed lab systems that fail to authenticate under the Concurrent User method.  Prior to performing an install of Matlab, please download and install .Net Framework 4.0 and Windows SDK 7.1 to accommodate the usage of compiling requirements of some product features contained in Matlab. The instructions on how to install the Matlab software for each method is written in the following section.

How to Get:

Manual Installation

Concurrent User Method for Typical Install (recommended)

Please utilize the following steps to perform a Concurrent User Installation of Matlab.

  1. Log onto the target machine with a local administrator account.
  2. Right-click on the Setup.exe file and click on the Run as Administrator command. 
  3. On the MathWorks Installer select the Install without using the Internet option by clicking on the corresponding radial button. Then click the Next button.
  4. Read the terms of the license agreement on the next window that appears and click the Yes radial button to Accept the terms of the license agreement. Then click the Next button.
  5. A File Installation Key window will appear next.  Click on the radial button that selects I have the File Installation Key for my license
  6. Copy and Paste the provided File Installation Key . Then click the Next button.
  7.  The following window that appears is the Installation Type window.  Click on the radial button that selects the Typical installation type. Then click the Next button.
  8. The Folder Selection window appears.  Click the Next button to accept the default installation folder.
  9. Another window may appear indicating that the default destination doesn't exist.  Click on the Yes button to create the default destination path.
  10. A License File window then appears.  Browse to the location where the provided license.dat file has been placed. Click on the license.dat file to select it. Then click the Next button.
  11. A Confirmation window will appear next.  Examine the product to be installed. If you are satisfied with the settings, click on the Install button.

Designated Computer Method

This method of installation requires a user to follow many steps of preparation and installation to install the Matlab software in this manner.  Installation instructions involving this method will be provided on a case by case basis.    

How to Use:

 Matlab Central

If you are in need of instruction on how to use Matlab, please take advantage of Mathworks web site called Matlab Central