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Using Expressions Web to connect to WWW2/3 web servers


How to use Microsoft's Expression Web to connect to WWW2/3 web servers.

How to Get:

See the Expression Web 4 software information page

How to Use:

  1. The first step in using Expressions Web  is to set up a directory on your local computer. This can be done through New Site... found under the Site menu on the Main Menu bar.
  2. Enter a location for your site on your local hard drive and give it a name. Click OK.
  3. Click on the Site menu on the Main Menu bar and choose Publishing.
  4. Click on Add a publishing destination... . The "Publishing Destination" is the location of the web site that you will be updating.
  5. Give this connection a Name.
  6. For Connection Type, click on the down arrow and choose FrontPage Server Extensions.
  7. For Location, enter<website_name>.
    • X = 2 or 3 depending on where your website is located (www2 or www3).
  8. For User Name and Password, enter your NetID and Password. Click Add.
  9. Expressions Web will now open your local site and your web site.
  10. To copy your files from the WWW2/3 web site, you will first need to select the files or folders by clicking on the once, then click on the left-pointing arrow. All of your files should now be on your hard drive.

NOTE: If you have a folder on your computer for the original WWW2/3 site, it would be better if the location in Step 2 references a different folder.