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Pharos Uniprint 8.1 Upgrade Info for Mac OS X clients

This information is intended for Student Computing Facilities (Labs) Manager who need to manage printers with Pharos Uniprint.

1.Login with a local administrator account.

2.Delete the folder MACOSX/Library/Application Support/Pharos/Utilities if it exists.

3.Double click on Notify.dmg.

4.Double click on Notify.pkg within the mounted Notify 8.1 disk image.

5.Go through the installation steps to install Notify.

6.Double click on PopupX2.dmg (where X is the name of the print queue).

7.Double click on Popup.pkg within the mounted Popup 8.1 disk image.

8.Go through the installation steps to install Popup.  The installation of Popup should update the Pharos print queue for your lab.

9.Delete the file MACOSX/Library/Preferences/com.pharos.notify.plist if it exists.

10.Reboot and test the print queue.