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Cisco VPN AnyConnect

System requirements: Linux, Mac, Windows

Description: Cisco VPN AnyConnect client is used to connect to UTA VPN on most platforms, including 64-bit operating systems.

How to Get: Click on the link to sign in with your UTA NetID and Password and begin installation -

How to Use:

  1. Open the Cisco VPN AnyConnect client.
    Cisco AnyConnect Desktop Icon

  2. Enter the following URL and click Connect:

  3. A login window will appear.
    Cisco AnyConnect Login Window

  4. The default is for students. If you are an employee, select .Employees from the dropdown list.
    Cisco AnyConnect Group List

  5. Enter your NetID and current password in the respective fields.
    Cisco AnyConnect Login Details

  6. For the DUO Passcode command, type in any one of the following commands:


    Push an approval request to a device that has already been setup in NetIDplus


    Send a text message to a mobile phone that has been setup in NetIDplus.


    Request to receive a phone call to to approve or decline the login attempt.

    Don't have a device setup?

    Click here to manage your devices in NetIDplus.

    Have a token?

    Enter the 6-digit passcode that is generated.

    DUO Token

  7. Once you have been properly authenticated, you will receive a disclaimer. Click Accept to continue.
    Cisco AnyConnect UTA Disclaimer

  8. If successfully connected, you will receive a confirmation message. Congratulations, you are now connected to VPN!
    Cisco AnyConnect Connected Successfully

Related Information

After connecting to the VPN you have a secure tunnel to the University and can perform operations such as:

Known Issues:

Some client may have to run the installation twice to install successfully

  • Cannot be installed from UTA wired connection
  • Linux connecting to VPN instructions via command line
    • /opt/cisco/vpn/bin/vpn
    • connect

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