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How to check or change the license server authentication on Mathematica clients

System requirements: Windows


Checking the Mathematica client's License Server

  • Launch the Mathematica application and click the Help menu command on the Wolfram Mathematica title bar.
  • Click on the About Mathematica menu item in the Help  drop down menu.
  • Click on the System Information button in the About Wolfram Mathematica window.
  • A Mathematica System Information window will appear.
  • The License Server being used will be displayed on the Kernel tab in the section labeled License Server

Changing the Mathematica client's License Server

  • Delete a file named Mathpass. in the C:\ProgramData\Mathematica\licensing path
  • Once it has been deleted, Launch the Mathematica application on your computer.
  • A Wolfram Product Activation window will automatically appear prompting for the user to select an activation method.
  • Click on the Other ways to activate button.
  • Select the activation method labeled Connect to a network license server by clicking on it
  • Enter
  • Then click on the activate button