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UTA Pay Service Request


In order to implement the UTA Pay Service, EIS Webapps will need to determine if the department's requirements can be met. Please e-mail EIS Webapps with your requirements.

Input Pages

Using the UTA Pay Service requires technical skills to build the input pages for the web. If the department does not have people with this skillset, the service may be requested from UCOMM.

Merchant IDs

The department's Merchant ID will need two accounts for credit card processing:

  • The level 4 account will be used by the department to monitor and administer transactions. This security level includes the ability to void or refund a transaction.
  • The level 1 account will be used by the UTA Pay Svc for posting credit card transactions.

The department needs to request the Merchant ID and level 4 and level 1 accounts from Accounting. Please contact Cynthia Gandy.


EIS Webapps will coordinate the implementation with your technical staff or UCOMM.