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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
OIT: Office of Information Technology

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We are your IT partner!

Software Available on HPC


Commonly Used Compilers and Libraries

  • ATLAS [website]
  • GNU Fortran, C, and C++ [website]
  • Intel Cluster Toolkit [website]
  • Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux [website]
  • MPICH [website] Portland Group Cluster Development Kit [website]
    • PGHPF - High Performance Fortran Compiler
    • PGF90 - OpenMP and auto-parallel Fortran 90 compiler
    • PGF77 - OpenMP and auto-parallel FORTRAN 77 compiler
    • PGCC - OpenMP and auto-parallel C++ and ANSI/K&R C compilers
  • Java2 SDK [website]

Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server [website]

Batch Queue Management

Software Requests

A limited amount of funds are available each year for software to be used on the HPC hardware platforms. The software must be of general interest to the HPC community and be approved by the HPC committee. Submit requests to

Unless otherwise noted, software is available on all compute nodes.

* Your MPI jobs should be modified to execute only on the host or hosts which LSF assigns you. Examples can be found in the Users Guide section of this web site. If you require assistance tuning your MPI script, please contact the OIT Helpdesk at or call (817)272-2208.