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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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IT Governance Processes

Good IT governance requires a good process by which decisions about IT priorities and asset allocation are made. The basic outline of the IT governance process at UTA is:

  • Any member of the UTA community may make requests for IT services or products. Requests may be made to the Office of Information Technology, to members of any of the advisory committees, or to any of the various communities of interest that have input into IT issues on campus.
  • Requests are assigned to the appropriate advisory committee for that committee's consideration.
  • Advisory committees study requests, prioritize them among the other requests and/or projects that are pertinent to their areas of concern, and approve small to medium projects. Large projects that the advisory committees deem to be worthy of consideration are forwarded to the IT Executive Committee for decisions about funding and implementation.
  • The Executive Committee makes decisions about large IT projects or priorities as well as provides oversight to all of information technology on the UTA campus.
  • The Office of Information Technology implements projects in accordance with the decisions made by the various committees that are in the decision process.
  • You can find more details regarding the project request procedures and request form here