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Cyber and Information Security Incident Management

General Incident Handling

If you need to report an infomation security incident such as real or suspected unauthorized access to a system, exposure or mishandling of sensitive/confidential information, active hacking, web site defacement, or violations of policy):

Please contact the Information Security Office by phone at 817-272-5487 or send us an at  You may choose to be anonymous.

Lost or Stolen Computers

If your computer or laptop has been stolen or you know of a potential computer crime involving UT Arlington, contact the UT Arlington Police at 817-272-3381. Inform the Information Security Office as well.

Suspected Phishing or E-mail based Malware Infection Attempts

Please see the anti-phishing site for information on how to recognize and protect against phishing or malware attacks that happen via email.

When in doubt, send a copy of the suspicious message to the Anti-Phish Response Team (

Compromised Credentials (passwords)

Please see the Compromised Credentials site for information on what actions to take if you think your password is known to others.

In all cases, report compromised passwords to the Information Security Office.

Server or Workstation Malware Infections

If your computer has been infected with malicious code (such as a virus) contact the UT Arlington Helpdesk by email or by phone 817-272-2208.

NOTE: In the event that the potentially compromised computer or server stores, or has access to, confidential or controlled information, the computer or server will be taken by the Information Security Office. A forensic image may be taken of the machine for investigation. This will help UT Arlington Information Security Office determine if any information was actually accessed and, if so, where the information may have been transferred. This information may be used in legal proceedings so it is important that you do not make any changes or turn off your computer or server once you suspect it has been compromised. You should, however, disconnect the server or computer from the network. UT Arlington Information Security Office will clear the computer once it is ready for use.