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Traveling the Megacity

Researchers address transportation inequalities

Traveling the Megacity

As the world sees the rise of megacities—those areas with populations of over 10 million—developers charged with maintaining healthy and sustainable infrastructure face unique challenges, particularly in transportation. UTA, from its home in the heart of Arlington, is ideally positioned to address these growth concerns.

Stephen Mattingly, associate professor of civil engineering, is working with Kate Hyun, assistant professor of civil engineering, on an examination of transit systems in Grand Prairie and Arlington. Another of their projects takes a closer look at Handitran and Via users. The last studies how interdisciplinary teams leverage new technologies to respond to transportation needs.

“We seek to provide transportation to disadvantaged populations,” Dr. Hyun says. “We give them a voice in the transportation planning process by documenting and quantifying their needs.”

Faculty members are involved in many transportation-related projects in Texas and the nation. These include the development of the Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions, and Dollars, as well as participation in U.S. Department of Transportation-funded consortiums. Researchers have received millions in TxDOT grants to improve Texas highways and bridges.

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