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Books by Maverick Authors

Fascinating books by Maverick authors to fill your library

The Man in the Glass House

The Man in the Glass House


An award-winning architectural critic and biographer, Mark Lamster tells the story of Philip Johnson, a controversial figure who introduced European modernism to America and mentored generations of architects, designers, and artists.

My Shield and Portion Be

My Shield & Portion Be

By Margot Suzanne Weyandt (’92 MSSW)

Fast-paced action and fantasy abound in My Shield & Portion Be, the second book in the Gour Ghost Passage series.

Design as Democracy

Design as Democracy: Techniques for Collective Creativity

Co-edited by Diane Jones Allen, Associate Professor, Planning and Landscape Architecture

A compilation with nearly 50 contributors from around the world, Design as Democracy highlights how communities can be designed in empowering and effective ways, with justice and democracy in mind.

No Right to Be Idle

No Right to be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1840s-1930s

By Sarah F. Rose, Associate Professor, History

In No Right to be Idle, Sarah Rose traces the experiences of policymakers, employers, reformers, and disabled people in the late 19th and 20th centuries as people with disabilities were effectively barred from the mainstream workplace.

The Little Clay Jar

The Little Clay Jar = La vasijita de barro

By Peregrina Ramos (’93 MA, English)

A bilingual children’s book about a little clay jar that is drawn to a captivating light, The Little Clay Jar illustrates the “power of emerging from the darkness into the light.”

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