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2014 Calendar of events

Monday, Jan. 13 First day of classes for Spring 2014 semester
Monday, Jan. 20 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
Wednesday, March 6 ACES 2014, E.H. Hereford University Center. The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students, a daylong symposium which showcases the best of research being done by UT Arlington students in all disciplines. There are poster and oral presentation categories in a variety of divisions, with panels of judges awarding winners in each category. Deadline to submit abstracts for ACES 2014 is Friday, Feb. 7. For more information, click here.
Wednesday, March 26 Registration begins for Spring 2014 semester
Friday, May 2 Last day of classes for Spring 2014 semester
May 3, 5-9 Finals exams for Spring 2014 semester
Sunday, May 11 College of Science/School of Architecture Spring 2014 Graduation ceremony, 7 p.m., College Park Center.

College of Science Seminar/Colloquium Schedule Spring 2014

All seminars are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Life Science Building, Room 124. Full details here.

March 6 -- Marnie Rout, UNT Health Science Center, “The Role of the Plant Microbiome in Invasion Ecology: A Case Study”

March 20 -- David Reznick, UC Riverside, “Experimental Studies of the Interaction Between Ecology and Evolution in a Natural Ecosystem”

March 27 -- Jim McGuire, UC Berkeley, Title TBA

April 3 -- Gary Stacey, University of Missouri, “Chitin signaling in plants: A comparison of the role of chitooligosaccharides in plant symbiotic and pathogen associations”

April 10 -- Lisette Waits, University of Idaho, ”Landscape genetics and contributions to wildlife ecology and management (case studies from amphibians/wolverines/cougars)”

April 17 -- Steve Pennings, University of Houston, “Reciprocal feedbacks between crabs and creek growth in coastal salt marshes”

April 24 -- Virginia Weis, Oregon State University, “The regulation of coral-dinoflagellate symbioses: the role of innate immunity”


Chemistry and Biochemistry
All seminars are at 3 p.m. on Fridays in W. A. Baker Chemistry Research Building, Room 114.. Refreshments will be served in CRB Room 112 at 2:45 p.m. Full details here.

March 7 -- Richard A. Kemp, University of New Mexico, professor of chemistry and chemical biology, "Conversions of CO2 Facilitated by Earth Abundant Metals"

March 21 -- Bong-Rae Cho, Korea University, Department of Chemistry, "Two-photon probes for biomedical applications”

March 28 -- Dave Russell, Texas A&M University, professor of chemistry, "Structural Biology and Mass Spectrometry Correlating Gas- and Solution-Phase Peptide/Protein Conformer Preferences"

April 4 -- Dr. Barbara Mahler, U. S. Geological Survey, Texas Water Science Center, “From Barton Springs, Texas, to North America: Unraveling the mystery of PAH contamination and the link to coal-tar-based pavement sealant”

April 11 -- Hyejin Moon, UT Arlington, professor of mechanical & aerospace engineering, “Digital Microfluidics for Chemical and Biological Analysis”

April 18 -- Rajender S. Varma, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, professor, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, "Greener Routes to Organics and Nanomaterials: Sustainable Applications of Nano-Catalysts"

April 25 -- William A. Maio, New Mexico State University, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, "Synthetic Studies en Route to the First Total Synthesis of Taumycin A”

May 2 -- Tej Pandita, UT Southwestern, professor of radiation oncology, “DNA damage and repair”


Earth & Environmental Science
All tech sessions are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Geoscience Building Room 100. Full details here.

March 6 -- Anne Trinquier, Thermo Fischer Scientific, “Recent advances in thermal ionization mass spectrometry”

March 20 -- David Singer, Kent State University, “Contaminant sequestration in mesoporous materials and secondary mineral coatings: The importance of confined pore spaces”

March 27 -- Kevin Schug, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, “Assessing the Potential Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Processes on Private Well Water Quality in Texas and Beyond”

April 10 -- Mei Ding, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Pore Processes in Earth Materials”

April 17 -- Jacob Sewall, Kutztown University, “Paleotopography”

April 24 -- Feng He, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Transient simulation of the last deglaciation with coupled global climate models”


All colloquia are at 3 p.m. Fridays in Pickard Hall Room 311. Full details here.

April 11 -- Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, Howard University, professor and chair, department of mathematics, Title TBA

April 18 -- Yunkai Zhou, Southern Methodist University, associate professor of mathematics, Title TBA

Applied Mathematics Seminars

March 21 -- Ming Chen, University of Pittsburgh, assistant professor of mathematics, "On the breakdown of regularity of flow maps of some dispersive water wave system". 2 p.m., Pickard Hall Room 311.

March 28 -- Jonatan Lenells, Baylor University, assistant professor of mathematics, "On a novel integrable generalization of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation". 3 p.m., Pickard Hall Room 311.


Thursday, April 24 -- Ronald Riggio, the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Claremont McKenna College, title TBA. 4-7 p.m. in the Planetarium at UT Arlington, A catered reception will follow the talk.

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