College of Science

Khaledi begins tenure as new College of Science dean

Morteza Khaledi, who took over the leadership role of the College in early August, says he is looking forward to building on the College of Science’s impressive foundation as it helps lead UT Arlington toward its goal of becoming the model 21st century urban research university.

Clark joins UT Arlington as new chair of Biology Department

Clay Clark, professor and new chair of the Department of Biology, is excited about his leadership role as head of the College of Science's largest unit. Clark was previously head of the Department of Biochemistry at North Carolina State University.

Biology doctoral students receive NSF funding for research

Ph.D. students Drew Schield, Daren Card and Alex Hall have been selected to receive funds from the National Science Foundation's highly competitive Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIG) program.

Trio of COS students earn NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

John Gurak, a senior in biochemistry; Lauren Fuess, a doctoral student in quantitative biology; and Troy Barber, a master's student in earth and environmental sciences, have been awarded the prestigious Fellowships by the National Science Foundation to further their graduate education.

Student earns ACS award as top undergraduate in organic chemistry

Hiep Nguyen, who graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry in May and will begin working toward a Ph.D. in chemistry at UT Arlington in August, has received the Outstanding Senior Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Student from the American Chemical Society's Division of Organic Chemistry.

Alum Montgomery a "born leader" in world fight against disease

Joel Montgomery, a three-time graduate of UT Arlington, has spent the past 15 years on the front lines in the battle against deadly infectious diseases around the world, most recently while trying to contain the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Lopez receives NASA grant for heliophysics research

UT Arlington physicist Ramon Lopez will use the $502,956 grant from NASA to study the role of solar wind fluctuations in solar wind-geospace coupling. Heliophysics is the science of the Sun-Earth connection through the space environment.

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Fall 2015 Calendar

Thursday, August 27 – First day of classes for Fall 2015 semester

Friday, September 4 – COS Welcome Back Ice Cream Social 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Life Science Building first-floor lobby

Monday-Friday, November 2-6 – College of Science’s annual Science Week. Details coming soon.

Monday, November 9 – Registration begins for Spring 2016 semester

Thursday-Friday, November 26-27 – Thanksgiving holidays

Wednesday, December 9 – Last day of classes for Fall 2015 semester

December 12, 14-18 – Final exams for Fall 2015 semester

Friday, December 18 – College of Science Fall 2015 Commencement ceremony at 3 p.m. in College Park Center. Details coming soon.
College of Science Seminar/Colloquia Schedule Fall 2014

All seminars are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Life Science Building, Room 124.

February 19
Speaker: Chris Nice, Professor, Department of Biology, Texas State University
Title: Hybridization, Hybrid Species, and the Organization of Genomic Diversity in a Butterfly Species Complex
Website: http://www.bio.txstate.edu/contacts/faculty/chris-nice.html

February 26
Speaker: Volker Rudolf, Associate Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Rice University
Title: Thinking inside the box: Community-level consequences of stage-structured populations
Website: http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~volker.rudolf/index.html

March 5
Speaker: Sanghoon Kang, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Baylor University
Title: The response and reaction of microbial community to the changing climates
Website: http://www.baylor.edu/biology/index.php?id=92104

March 12
Spring Break

March 19
Speaker: Jennie McLaren, Assistant Professor, UT El Paso
Title: TBA
Website: http://www.academics.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=70104&ID=jrmclaren
Host: Jeff Demuth

April 2
Speaker: Michael Sadowsky, Professor and Director, BioTechnology Institute Department of Soil, Water & Climate, University of Minnesota
Title: Microbial Bile Acid Metabolism is One Mechanism Behind the Success of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
Website: http://www.bti.umn.edu/faculty/biosadowsky.html

April 9
Speaker: Rayna Bell, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Craig Moritz Research Lab, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
Title: TBA
Website: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/bios/rayna-bell/

April 16
Speaker: Michael Ryan, Clark Hubbs Regents Professor in Zoology, UT Austin
Title: TBA
Website: http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/ryan/people.html

April 23
Speaker: Alex Wild, Curator of Entomology, UT Austin
Title: TBA
Website: http://www.alexanderwild.com/About-Alex-Wild

April 30
Speaker: David D. Pollock, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics School of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver
Title: TBA

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Unless noted, all seminars are at 3 p.m. on Fridays in W.A. Baker Chemistry Research Building, Room 114. Refreshments will be served before each seminar at 2:45 p.m. in CRB Room 112.

February 13
Speaker: Professor Oleg Larionov, Department of Chemistry, UT San Antonio
Title: “New Synthetic Chemistry of Compounds Containing N–O-Bonds”

February 20
Speaker: Professor Liping Tang, Department of Bioengineering, UT Arlington
Title: “Near-infrared Molecular Probes for In Vivo Imaging of pH and Reactive Oxygen Species”

February 27
Speaker: Professor Chou Chen, Department of Biochemistry, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Title: “Taking Inspirations from Biological Oxidation Reactions”

March 5 (Thursday, 6-9 p.m.) ACS DFW Section Meeting, UT Arlington E.H. Hereford University Center, Concho Room
Speaker: Professor Dan Rabinovich, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Title: “The World of Chemistry on Postage Stamps

March 13
Spring Break

March 20
Speaker: Professor Alex Kurosky, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UT Medical Branch
Title: “The Involvement of Eosinophils in Asthma”

March 27
Speaker: Professor Horacio F. Olivo, College of Pharmacy, The University of Iowa
Title: “Microorganisms and Enzymes in Organic Synthesis”

April 3
Speaker: Professor Daesung Lee, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: “Ruthenium Alkylidenes – Tools for New Chemistry beyond Metathesis”

April 10
Speaker: Professor Patrick Griffin, Department of Molecular Therapeutics, The Scripps Research Institute
Title: “Conformation Dynamics and Nuclear Receptor Signaling”

April 17
Speaker: Professor Jimmie Weaver, Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University
Title: “Cross-coupling Made Easy via Electron Addition”

April 25 (Saturday)
No seminar on Friday, April 24. All are encouraged to attend the ACS DFW Meeting-in-Miniature hosted by UT Arlington in the E.H. Hereford University Center on Saturday, April 25.

May 1
Speaker: Professor Rajeev Azad, Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas
Title: TBA

Earth & Environmental Science
All sessions are at 4 p.m. on Thursdays in Geoscience Building Room 100.

September 18 – Jim Davidson, Netherland, Sewell and Associates, Inc. (NSAI) in Dallas, Title: “The False Promise of High-End Technology in Thin Bed Formation Analysis”

September 25 – Bob Finkleman, UT Dallas, Title: “Medical Geology”

October 2 – Amelia Shevenell, University of South Florida/University College, London, Title: TBA

October 9 – Dilhan Ilk, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, Title: TBA

October 16 – Shaffiq A. Jaffer, TOTAL Corporate scientific representative in the U.S., Title: TBA

October 23 – TBA

October 30 – Peter Eichhubl, Bureau of Economic Geology, Title: TBA

November 6 – TBA

November 13 – Julia Gale, Bureau of Economic Geology, Title: TBA

November 20 – Tim Shanahan, UT Austin, Title: TBA

All colloquia will be held at 3 p.m. Fridays in Pickard Hall, Room 311. Refreshments will be served shortly after each presentation.

February 20
Speaker: Dr. Susan E. Minkoff, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UT Dallas
Title: “Multiscale Modeling for Wave Propagation"

March 5
Speaker: Dr. Francis Edward Su, Benediktsson-Karwa, Professor of Mathematics, President-Elect, Mathematical Association of America, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College
Title: TBA

April 10
Speaker: Dr. Todd Quinto, Robinson Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Tufts University
Title: TBA

April 17
Speaker: Dr. Peter E. Trapa, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah
Title: TBA

All colloquia will be held at 4 p.m. in Science Hall, Room 101.

February 11
Speaker: William G. Newton, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Title: Into the Mantle of the Neutron Star: Probing Condensed Nuclear Matter Under Extreme Conditions

February 18
Speaker: Dragos-Stefan Dancila, Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UT Arlington
Title: TBA

February 25
Speaker: Robert Wallace, Professor and Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UT Dallas
Title: TBA

March 4
Speaker: Jinyi Qi, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of California at Davis
Title: TBA

April 15
Speaker: Kris Murawski, Head of Group of Astrophysics and Gravity Theory, Institute of Physics, Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Poland
Title: TBA

April 29
Speaker: Bill Danchi, Senior Astrophysicist, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
Title: TBA

All colloquia are held on Fridays at times and locations listed below.

February 20
12 p.m., University Hall, Room 110
Speaker: Kristen Kennedy, Assistant Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas
Title: TBA

February 27
12 p.m., Science Hall, Room 103
Speaker: Carlos A. Bolaños, Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Florida State University
Title: TBA

March 27
Time and location: TBA
Speaker: Daniel J. Taylor, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of North Texas
Title: TBA

April 3
Time and location: TBA
Speaker: Margaret Owen, Robinson Family Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas
Title: TBA

April 24
Time and location: TBA
Speaker: Rosanna Guadagno, Associate Professor of Psychology, UT Dallas
Title: TBA