In the UTA Department of Biology, our faculty and students are doing cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, funded by agencies including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Current projects include comparative and evolutionary genomics in reptiles and amphibians; examining the origin of new genes; immunity and disease in coral; cellular mechanisms involved in mitochondrial repair; ecological mechanisms that drive microevolutionary changes in natural populations; caspase assembly and cell death; evolution of genes and genomes; processes that generate biodiversity; parasitic mobile genetic elements; microbial evolution and antibiotic resistance; and more.


Biology Home

Department Info

Life Sciences Building, Room 337
501 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19498
Chair: Clay Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry

The UTA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers comprehensive training and research opportunities for students in a variety of areas. State-of-the-art facilities, excellent faculty and support staff, combined with generous external funding, allow advanced studies in numerous disciplines. Current research projects being conducted by our faculty and their students include building analytical instrumentation for the Mars lander; investigating environmental consequences of fracking on groundwater; anti-cancer drug discovery; testing green catalysts; enhanced methods for chiral separations and quantification; and more.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Home

Department Info

Chemistry & Physics Building, Room 130
700 Planetarium Place, Box 19065
Chair: Rasika Dias

Data Science

Level up with a unique Data Science bachelor's degree from the College of Science at UTA. Maverick Scientists are becoming better data scientists and sharpening their ability to do better science by earning a data science degree with an emphasis in their specific field of science. Discover important data relationships, learn to sort through large data sets and extract meaningful insights using industry standard tools and best practices, leveraging data to answer difficult questions and tackle real world challenges, directly in their scientific area of interest or across multiple disciplines. Our master's program is designed for students with a wide range of backgrounds, including degrees in STEM fields, and those with non-technical backgrounds, such as business majors.

Data Science Home

 Program Info

Life Sciences Building, Room 206
501 S. Nedderman Drive
Co-Directors: Sherry Wang and Shan Sun-Mitchell 

Earth & Environmental Sciences

The UTA Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in geochemistry, paleontology, sedimentary geology, hydrogeology, human health, and climate science. Research is funded by major sources including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Our undergraduate program has two focus areas: geology and environmental sciences. The geology program includes a summer field camp in Texas and New Mexico. There are several student organizations for EES students which offer them the chance to connect with industry professionals, along with scholastic and scientific advancement.

EES Home

Department Info

Earth and Environmental Sciences Building, Room 107
500 Yates Street, Box 19049
Chair: Arne Winguth

Health Professions

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist, physician’s assistant, or another graduate-level health professional field? Our Health Professions Office offers advising, peer mentoring, resources to improve pre-professional readiness and competitiveness, and more. You can find information here to help you on your journey.

Health Professions Home

 Program Info

Life Sciences Building, Room 107
501 S. Nedderman Drive
Advisor: Sandy Hobart
Advisor: Haylei Dishinger
Pre-Med Consultant: Dr. Steven Gellman, M.D.


The UTA Department of Mathematics is the premier mathematics education and research center in North Texas. In addition to our math majors, we serve well over 10,000 UTA students per year. Our faculty are leaders in mathematics research as well as in K-12 math education. They create innovative teaching and training aids for K-12 teachers and work to improve the way math is taught. The department’s excellence has been recognized with the American Mathematical Society Award for Exemplary Program, among other honors. Current research includes using statistical analysis to evaluate treatment of cancer and other diseases; utilizing epidemiology to study vector-borne diseases; developing new fast algorithms for big data computing; discovering novel patterns and structure in algebra and algebraic geometry; and more.

Mathematics Home

Department Info

Pickard Hall, Room 478
411 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19408
Chair: Jianzhong Su


The UTA Department of Physics offers a wide range of degree options. Our faculty and students are involved in such high-profile international projects as the ATLAS experiment at CERN, the Deep Underground Neutrino Project (DUNE) in South Dakota, and the IceCube project at the South Pole. Funded by sources including NASA, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, they’re working on collaborative, interdisciplinary projects focusing on space weather; magnetospheric modeling; using nanoparticles for medical imaging and detection; positron-solid interactions; nanostructured magnetic materials; electronic structure theory of clusters, films and solids; extra-solar terrestrial planets; and more. We’re embracing new and innovative ways to try to answer the big questions about our universe.

Physics Home

Department Info

Science Hall, Room 108
502 Yates Street, Box 19059
Chair: Alexander Weiss


The UTA Department of Psychology provides a strong scientific background to undergraduate and graduate students. Our undergraduate program is designed to provide students with knowledge, analytical skills, writing and presentation skills, and research experience that will be useful both for those who will seek jobs and those going on to professional or graduate school. Many of our undergraduate students have the chance to become involved in research programs with nationally recognized faculty, and this experience greatly enhances their career and graduate school options. The department is also home to a major research center — the Insights for Organizations Center.

Psychology Home

Department Info

Life Sciences Building, Room 313
501 S. Nedderman Drive, Box 19528
Chair: Linda Perrotti

UTeach Arlington

UTeach Arlington is a highly successful science and mathematics secondary teacher preparation program at The University of Texas at Arlington. The UTeach Arlington program is built into degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. UTeach students are able to earn a rigorous bachelors degree in math or science along with secondary teacher certification within a four-year timeframe, providing them with more career options after graduation.

UTeach Home

 Program Info

Science Hall, Room 224
502 Yates Street, Box 19043
Co-Directors: Greg Hale, Ramon Lopez, Ann Cavallo

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