Department of Biology

World-Class Research & Degree Programs

Biology is a diverse and multidisciplinary field, and the UTA Department of Biology will prepare you for a rewarding career with our innovative education and world-class research programs. These programs are led by highly esteemed faculty and conducted in top-notch facilities which equip students for careers in industry, research, or academia. We have many specialized undergraduate degree programs that offer an excellent foundation in the biological sciences, and our graduate programs provide advanced training in a collaborative research environment which has the Carnegie Classification's highest rating: R1 Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity. Research and education go hand-in-hand and all students are encouraged to become active in research early in their academic careers.

A scientist performing a chemical experiment

Research Areas

• Microbiology • Biochemistry • Genomics • Evolutionary Genomics • Environmental Genomics • Speciation Genetics • Herpetology • Evolution • Molecular Systematics • Molecular Biology • Ecology/Behavioral Ecology • Macroecology • Evolutionary Ecology • Cell Biology • Developmental Biology • Mitochondria • Cellular Defenses of Marine Organisms • Virology • Biogeography • Forensics

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Research Facilities

Department of Biology
  • Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center
  • Life Sciences Core Facility
  • Shimadzu Center for Bio-Molecular Imaging
  • North Texas Genome Center