Ph.D. vs M.S. - Which is Right for You?

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I support myself financially while I work towards my Ph.D.?

  • Ph.D. students are guaranteed 5 years of salary and tuition support through teaching (GTA) or research (GRA) fellowships that also cover most of tuition costs.


Why do a Ph.D.?

  • A Ph.D. degree is the primary graduate degree for students interested in conducting research that UTA Biology offers. 
  • Students who complete the Ph.D. program often go into academia, biotechnology, biomedical industries, government research, or positions in research institute
  • Ph.D. students are guaranteed 5 years of financial support and tuition support that funds students during their Ph.D., as long as they are making satisfactory progress in the program. 


Can I enter a Ph.D. program without a master’s degree?

  • Yes, in fact the majority of Ph.D. students enter the program without a master’s degree


Why do a Master’s degree?

  • Get a better job, or promotion at your current job
  • Increase your competitiveness for applying to medical school


Master’s degree options:

  • M.S. (Non-Thesis) – a course-based Master’s degree, primarily designed for either 1) professionals that want to further their education (e.g., those in industry, or in education), or 2) undergraduates that want to improve their chances of acceptance to a medical school or other graduate degree program
  • M.S. Thesis – This is a research-based master’s degree. Currently we are not accepting students into this program, and all research-oriented graduate students are encouraged to consider admission to the Ph.D. program.