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UTeach Arlington is a highly successful science and mathematics secondary teacher preparation program at The University of Texas at Arlington. The UTeach Arlington program is built into degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. UTeach students are able to earn a rigorous bachelors degree in math or science along with secondary teacher certification within a four-year timeframe, providing them with more career options after graduation. Degree plans can be viewed on the Advising page. 

The UTeach program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in a hands-on way. 

UTeach originated UT Austin in 1997 and due to its success, the program soon expanded across Texas and the United States. Since UTeach's origin, UT Austin has increased its secondary mathematics and science teacher output from single digits per year to between 40-80 annually. In addition, statistics show that teachers trained in the UTeach program stay in the teaching field longer than the average new science or mathematics teacher. In fact, 79 percent of UTeach graduates are still teaching five years later.

Donors, led by ExxonMobil, collaborated to create the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) and the UTeach Institute. These organizations are tasked with making grants to other universities around the country so that they may replicate the UTeach program on their campuses. 

Thanks to funding from Texas Instruments, the Texas Education Agency, NMSI, and the UTeach Institute, plus strong support from UTA, UTeach Arlington launched in the fall of 2010. The first graduating class walked the stage in the spring of 2014. As of December 2022, more than 300 students have graduated from the program, most of whom are currently teaching in Dallas-Fort Worth area secondary schools. 

The hallmarks of the UTeach Arlington program include early and intensive field experiences in K-12 schools for teacher candidates, the use of experienced Master Teachers as instructors, mentor teachers and field experience coordinators in local school districts, strong support from the university's administration, vigorous recruitment of STEM majors into the Step 1 introductory course, development of teacher candidates' content knowledge and effective teaching techniques, and a variety of student benefits, including scholarships and internships. Due to generous funding from our partners, UTeach is able to offer scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and paid internships in local educational settings such as schools and museums. 

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Mavmeticians & Mav Scientists Teach (M&Ms) is the student-led organization of the UTeach Arlington program. M&Ms helps build community among UTeach Arlington students and advances excellence in math and science education by providing professional, social, academic, and volunteer events outside of class. All students enrolled in UTeach Arlington are automatically members of M&Ms, and all members are eligible to participate in organization meetings and activities. Members can join the UTeach Arlington Facebook page, where M&Ms officers post about upcoming events.