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Equipment Check-Out

These procedures and policies are only for students who are registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and have been approved to check out equipment.


  • Before receiving equipment, students are required to read and understand all of the equipment check-out policies and procedures.
  • Students must have submitted documentation and been approved to receive OSD services before any equipment will be checked out.
  • Students must complete an Accommodation Request Form each semester requesting to check out equipment.
  • Equipment is checked-out on a semester basis and students must be enrolled for the semester they are requesting the equipment.
  • The adaptive equipment available through OSD for check-out is available on a first come, first-serve basis.
  • Equipment can be checked-out the week before the semester begins and the equipment must be returned by the last day of final exams in good working condition and include all relevant components.
  • If the student notices a malfunction in the operation of the equipment, the student must immediately return the equipment to OSD.
  • The student who has checked-out the equipment is responsible for battery replacement in battery operated equipment.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment must be reported to OSD immediately (within 5 business days). If the equipment is stolen, a police report must be filed for stolen University property by contacting the The University of Texas at Arlington police department and OSD will require a copy of this report. Students may be held responsible for the replacement cost of the lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • If the student fails to meet the return deadline, a referral may be filed with the Office of Student Conduct. Failure to return the equipment is considered theft of University property and OSD will report it stolen to the The University of Texas at Arlington Police Department. The student may be held responsible for the replacement cost of the lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • Assistive technology is not provided for enrolled The University of Texas at Arlington students with disabilities who take The University of Texas at Arlington on-line courses from their homes or classes at other institutions which are not affiliated with UT Arlington.
  • Additional adaptive technology and equipment, that is not available for check-out, is available during regular office hours in the Adaptive Resource Center, University Hall, room 101.


  1. Contact your counselor requesting use of adaptive equipment.
  2. Meet with Assistant Director to check out equipment no earlier than one week before the semester requesting.
  3. Complete and sign an Equipment Check-out Form.
  4. Return the checked-out equipment by the last day of finals of the semester for which the equipment is checked-out.