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Honors and Awards

The UTA Movin’ Mavs have won seven National Championships. Since joining the Intercollegiate Wheelchair Basketball Division in 1989, 34 UTA Movin’ Mavs have earned First Team All-American recognition, 28 earned Second Team All-American honors, and 9 Movin’ Mavs have been named MVP.

Young student Athletes from 8 countries have studied at UTA and played for the Movin’ Mavs.

More importantly, the graduation rate for the Movin’ Mavs is extraordinarily high.

Malcolm Wright:
National Champion Intercollegiate Tennis Association Tier 2 Singles

Jeff Sale:
Runner Up ITA National Wheelchair Tennis Assoc Tier 1 Singles

Jeff Sale/Willie Hernandez:
Runner Up ITA National Wheelchair Tennis Assoc – Doubles

David Wilkes:
1st Team All American WCBB

James Patin:
2nd Team All American WCBB

Juan Soto:
1st Team All Newcomer Team WCBB

Movin’ Mavs – Champions:
Gorilla Invitational, Pittsburg State University
3rd Place NWBA Intercollegiate Division National Championships

Jeff Sale:
A Division Champion – Bayou Classic WC Tennis

James Patin:
B Division Champion – Bayou Classic WC Tennis

Double Champions – Bayou Classic WC Tennis

Anthony Pone, Juan Soto, Blake McMinn:
Selected for Army National WCBB Team for US Paralympics Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) National Games

Coach Doug Garner

  • Selected to Coach Army National Team at WTU National Games
  • Selected as International Technical Official for International Wheelchair Basketball Federation
  • Presenter for 2011 US Paralympics Leadership Conference
  • Presenter/Coordinator for NWBA National Championships Educational Sessions

Movin’ Mavs Department

  • U.S. Paralympic Grant
  • Neilson Foundation Grant
  • United States Tennis Association Grant(s)
  • NASPA Excellence Award Silver Honoree

National Wheelchair Basketball Association

Team All-American

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is comprised of over 200 basketball teams across 22 conferences and seven divisions, including men's, women's, intercollegiate, and youth teams throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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