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Upgraded Identity Management System

Published on: 02/28/2015

On March 5, the Office of Information Technology will begin a 4-day transition to a new Identity Management System. The system will automate account creation 48 hours after appointments for new employees are made in UT Share and eliminate time-consuming account request forms. In addition, the Identity Management System will update the global address book based on changes to employee records in UT Share.

All new NetID and email accounts requested after the close of business on March 4 will not be processed until the completion of the upgrade.  Within 48 hours after the approximate 4-day transition period, the Identity Management System will automatically process NetIDs and email accounts for new employees appointed in UT Share.

To learn more about the Identity Management System, please visit our Identity Management webpage 


OIT Article Archive

    Updated on: 02/27/2015

For information on the latest published articles by the Office of Information Technology, please visit our article archive. These articles will feature the latest technological resources, advisories, software updates, and the latest news about the Office of Information Technology. [Read More]


Recent Advisories

    Updated on: 11/25/2014

Recent CIS Cyber Security advisories have been released on November 11 and November 18 announcing high-risk vulnerabilities on several popular software packages (see below). We recommend that you run software updates as soon as possible to protect your computer and data. OIT will automatically update software on OIT-managed computers.